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Enflo kitchen island

Enflo Arkitekter, Jens Enflo

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Enflo Arkitekter, Jens Enflo
A design collaboration between Jens Enflo Arkitekter an Linak Scandinavia - provider of electric actuators. Linak wanted to create a new kitchen concept that shows the potential of their actuators in contemporary interior design. Enflo Arkitekter has been Linaks design and arhitecture firm since many years and was given the assignment. Enflo started a design process to investigate what a contemporary kitchen can be. Kitchens today are often a large island combined with cabinets on the wall. The current standard height of 90 cm however does not fit many people and we discovered a need to be able to adjust the work top in height, especially for tall people. The result is an ergonomic kitchen that is adjustable instead of letting the user bend its back. The whole kitchen can be lifted and lowered to fit people of different length. Storage for kitchen machines is hidden by being lowered into the work top. The shape and colour of the kitchen is chosen to be user friendly and to fit a large variety of residential contexts. The kitchen a a hub in contemporary homes and a shape that is round instead of rectangular is more friendly since it lacks sharp corners. The front is laquered mdf and the top whith zink is made of white Corian. The modular induction system from Foster SPA is chosen for the possibility to place the induction zones freely. The white tap is from Vola. The construction is based on standard 60 cm cabinets with custom made rounded ends. Under the cabinets is the Linak Base lift system that lifts and lowers the kitchen. The built in storage unit is lifted and lowered with Linak office table legs. The kitchen was produce for Stockholm International Furniture Fair and is currently in use at Linak head quarters in Stockholm.


 Linak Scandinavia
 100 mq
 Jens Enflo
 Enflo Arkitekter
 Sjöö Snickeri
 Linak Scandinavia
 Linak Scandinavia
 Joachim Belaieff


Enflo Architect is an award winning Stockholm based firm office founded in 2009 by Swedish/Danish architect Jens Enflo who is owner and creative leader. Enflo works with residential and commercial projects in a small and medium scale. We believe in taking responsibility for every detail in our projects. Enflo has a strong connection to the Scandinavian architecture and design tradition which we combine with contemporary international design. Our co workers from Denmark, India, USA and other countries provide the office with inspiration from the whole world.



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