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Geeks Dock

SPACTOR Design & Research Firm

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SPACTOR Design & Research Firm

This is an investment operation center of a new technology park transformed by the old factory area.
The operators here display and publicize the characteristics and policies of the park, and hereby convene and gather the enterprises that are admitted to the company.
Using such attributes, we define this space as a “dock” to gather the “geeks dock” of technology companies and technology talents.
The operator's budget is limited, and wants to retain the industrial traces of the old factory, and at the same time wants to highlight the technological features of the science park.
The space is approximately 360 square meters, which is small compared to the display of large parks, and the operator's office is placed here.
The operator wants to build a second floor in the space, to show the availability of the space for the enterprise, but the effective height of the space is only 5 meters, minus the thickness of the slab and the equipment and lamps of the first layer,the height is only 2.2 meters, which is more cramped as the use of a display space.
We cleaned the original top and wall surfaces and preserved the original flavor of the factory. In order to ensure sufficient lighting and high space, we choose to use the bursting posture in the corner of the space to “bloom” the necessary supporting function boxes--office, conference room, negotiation room and stairs leading to the second floor office area. between. We hid the office on the second floor and hid the bathroom and storage room downstairs in the office, so that the whole space was clean and neat.
In the middle of the room, we created a “dock plank road” as a stage for the exhibition space. In the exhibition space, the operators can organize related activities, the participants around the "Plane Road" also echo our design theme - geeks dock.
Through the accurate structural calculations, we have completely eliminated the space column and made the “blooming” posture clearer. On the surface of these boxes, we attach corrugated sheet and spray different colors to emphasize the charm of the dock.
In this space with an effective space height of only 5 meters, we use a stacking method to set the new mezzanines at different heights, so that the height of each layer can reach 2.8 meters or more. That is not only to make full use of the space, but also make the spatial hierarchy clear, and makes the space more suitable for its purpose.


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SPACTOR D&R Firm specializes in the design of architectural reconstruction, with the sustained attention to the relationship between urban development and human life as well as the influence on environment. By cross-disciplinary talent cooperation, we seek for renewable and sustainable development of architecture, and add cultural and self value to urban development brought by architecture, to rebuild the relationship between architecture and social environment as well as the unique urban culture for each individual city.
With the operation philosophy of Fewer but Better and the business guidance of design research, SPACTOR explores and probes into various subjects, including official, residential, commercial, cultural and educational, and service categories. For the past years, we have built good cooperation with many customers.

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