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Interior / Completed

Our longtime client upon his move to Los Angeles asked us to collaborate with LivingHomes as Project Design Coordinator and Interior Architect to create his ideal prefab home. A hybrid prefab and site-built project, this house built on a steeply sloping site, is based on a design Ray Kappe FAIA had created for LivingHomes. Comprised of 6 modules on two levels, containing four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, kitchen and dining area, it is customized with a glass stair tower, garage, guest wing, and infinity pool.
Utilizing prefabricated construction methods for the majority of the home minimizes neighborhood disruption and reduces overall site construction time and cost. Modular and site construction of the home occur simultaneously allowing the home to be delivered and assembled on site in a single day, leaving landscaping, pool and remaining finish work to be completed post installation.
The midcentury modern inspired design blurs the boundary between exterior and interior spaces with a courtyard and decks while maintaining a sense of privacy behind high exterior wood cladded walls and clerestory windows. The use of overhangs emphasizes the horizontality of the plan while doubling as passive cooling. Exposed steel frames, cedar and glass keep the exterior palette simple, durable and timeless.
The design utilizes sustainable strategies for passive cooling, solar energy use, and conserving water, preserves native tree and uses environmentally preferable products. Floor to ceiling glass maximizes daylight cutting down the need for interior lighting. The interior uses natural fibers, efficient energy and water fixtures, no VOC finishes and Cradle to Cradle certified materials.
The home is sited for optimal solar orientation with opposing operable doors and windows located to capture prevailing breezes. Home size was a considered decision and is close to the national average (2850 sf based on NAHB) which reduces overall energy consumption and material usage.
An exterior garden divides the home into distinct zones, private for bedrooms and baths and public for kitchen, living and dining. A site-built garage and guest suite is linked to the main house with a double height kids play room. The master suite and private deck is oriented toward the pool and the spectacular sunsets.
The landscape is designed for minimal water usage with native and drought tolerant plants. The existing hillside lot was covered in native oak trees, all maintained during construction with additional trees planted to provide shading for the home.
Materials were well considered for overall lifecyle and end of cycle. The exposed structural steel frame is made from recycled materials. Interior wall and floor tile is C2C certified. While in the factory, leftover materials are reused or recycled as part of their internal QAA program.
The design is intended to dramatically reduce the overall energy load with high R value insulation, efficient equipment and lighting, and careful detailing of the entire enclosure. A photovoltaic array is designed for the entire roof of the first floor intended to offset 50% of the homes’ power needs.
All site and roof runoff are captured in planters and area drains throughout the site. Only minimal amounts of filtered storm water enter the city system.
The interior design complements the mid-century exterior creating a flow of indoor space to outdoor space uniting both in the colors, textures, and materials.


 Beverly Hills
 Suchi Reddy
 Reddymade as Project Design Direction & Interior Design and LivingHomes as Modular Architect
 Valle Reinis Builders
 Fiore Landscape Design
 Miller Mobley


Architect, Suchi Reddy, founded Reddymade in 2002 with a human-centric approach to design—one that assesses the economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts of her work on both people and the planet. She brings over a decade of experience in large-scale cultural, educational, healthcare, retail, commercial, and residential projects to her award-winning practice based in New York City, and expanding to Los Angeles.
Specializing in diversity, Reddymade’s projects include public installations, exhibit design, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, large-scale commercial projects and residential projects that include houses, micro-apartments, and prefab architecture.
“Form follows feeling” is the guiding principle of the practice. Reddy’s strong belief is that the quality of the space evokes emotion and that good design, calibrated carefully to the human, enhances well-being, creativity, and productivity.

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