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Chang'an planning exhibition hall

SPACTOR Design & Research Firm

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SPACTOR Design & Research Firm

When it comes to urban planning, people often think of keywords such as rigor and rationality. For non-professionals, it may also means boring. However, as a planning exhibition hall for urban planning, we are faced with a group of non-professional visitors. The first thing we think about is how to transform these professional contents into easy-to-understand and attractive ways to display.
The building where the project is located was originally a small office building with three floors above ground and a basement. The floor area of each floor is approximately 400 square meters and there is only one walking ladder connecting the floors. Visitors entering the exhibition hall from the first floor, regardless of whether they visit the basement or the above-ground part, will cause the overlapping of the exhibition lines.
China's cities are in the process of rapid development. Each phase of the plan will encounter different social problems in the process of implementation, which will lead to timely adjustment of the plan, which requires most of the display content to be updated in real time.
Freehand drawing is a traditional Chinese painting skill that dates back to 2800 years. Chang'an is the ancient capital of the 13 Dynasties such as the Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasties. It played an important role in the history of China for more than a thousand years. We took the essence of freehand drawing to simulate the freehand space, let the visitors linger in the rhythm of freehand painting, with the slickness of the space, understand the scientific rigor of urban planning, through the multimedia exhibition items integrated into the space, Offset the boring data.
Under the premise of respecting the original building structure, we optimized and upgraded the building structure. First floor to the basement floor was added a walking ladder, and added an elevator to connect the basement to the second floor, so that the tour line can be completed in one go. . And convert it into a clear timeline, set different display modes in different positions of this timeline, to guide visitors, have different emotional expressions at different time points, sometimes excited, sometimes calm... ...
In order to solve the problem of real-time updating of planning data, we use multimedia means to display as much as possible. At the same time, this kind of display methods can present a freehand artistic conception and complement the whole space.


 Chang'an district planning sub-bureau
 SPACTOR Design & Research Firm
 Feng Yu/Li Xinmeng/Cui Jian/Yang Xinrong/Wang Wei/Liu Yang/Zhang Diancun/Zheng Wei
 Xiao Yuan/Feng Yu


SPACTOR Design & Research Firm specializes in the design of architectural reconstruction, with the sustained attention to the relationship between urban development and human life as well as the influence on environment. By cross-disciplinary talent cooperation, we seek for renewable and sustainable development of architecture, and add cultural and self value to urban development brought by architecture, to rebuild the relationship between architecture and social environment as well as the unique urban culture for each individual city.
With the operation philosophy of Fewer but Better and the business guidance of design research, SPACTOR explores and probes into various subjects, including official, residential, commercial, cultural and educational, and service categories. For the past years, we have built good cooperation with many customers.

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