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DEA uno


Industrial Design / Completed

DEA uno
The connection is part of our existence, the network envelops the planet and has transformed the use of spaces that change according to schedules and activities.
DEA uno is a contemporary project that takes changes into consideration and redesigns the ways of living, be they private or business.
At home the living room becomes a work station while in the office the desk top becomes a dining table. Ideal for "bench working" or the work done together in a large common table.
Liveability, design, color, flexibility, ergonomics, considered use of raw materials, products built with the principles of separability of materials and recyclability.
DEA uno is a table that interacts with the different needs and is composed endlessly: the trapezoidal shape allows the table to be connoted in two different ways. On the long side, adding a new element creates a hexagonal island. On the short side the unification of new elements gives rise to a fluid and infinite combination. An almost anthropomorphic composition that finds sap in its extension.
Characterized by an office but transversal DNA, which translates into a strong attention to the aesthetic and technical quality of the construction details, in a precise refinement in the choice of materials, finishes and combinations between the parts.
A support structure in painted aluminum that includes a 1 cm top. of different material: HPL (high pressure laminated panel), Valchromat (mass colored wood panel fibers), wood, marble on honeycomb panel.
The design of DEA one has had an important phase of research and development; the experimentation involved the different areas of design.
From the elaboration of the initial idea we moved on to a more executive design that involved the production of lambda legs; made through the execution of a special mold made it possible to harmoniously assemble the tables. The creation of a matrix has thus defined the uniqueness of the product.
The plan design combines different geometric shapes supported by light profiles that connect the legs.
The product is therefore configured as a super light table, versatile and suitable for all environments (both residential and tertiary).
The result is a product capable of transmitting an image of strong personality but at the same time light and airy.
The result is a product capable of transmitting an image of strong personality but at the same time light and airy.


 CN arredamento design (legno), Mixal (alluminio)
 alberto strada


1999 Giacomo De Amicis begins the activity (still in progress), as a professor of architectural composition under contract to the Faculty of Engineering of Pavia; 2005 year of foundation of deamicisarchitetti; 1 founding member, Giacomo De Amicis; 3 associate professionals, Bruna Rivolta since 2005, Rossella Destefani since 2013 and Luigi Bartoli since 2014; 120 contracts open in the last 10 years of professional activity; 82 projects realized: public spaces, public and private buildings built ex-novo, radically or extensively transformed, interiors of spaces for work and for living and installations; 210 design prototypes or furnishing components custom made situations; 12 competitions for ideas in which prizes were awarded; 150 publications of works on books, on the most famous magazines in the sector and in newspapers; 2 books written: "G. Minoletti, The canteen used at Bicocca - Unicopli 2002 ". "Old suburbs. New places. - Publicomm 2015 ";

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