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MAISONP, single-family house in Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France

Located in a small village in France, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in southern France, MaisonP, a single-family house, nestles in a cosy space boasting dense vegetation on a hillside parcel offering a panoramic view over the Alps.

PietriArchitectes claims an architectural approach both demanding and poetic, built and developed around its own philosophy: “the romantic rationalism”. This concept connects well a constructive, strict and optimized conception to a precise and meaningful site analysis. The architectures are elegant, soft and timeless. The practice advocates paying heed to context, but also to users, without ever losing sight of the economic objectives set by all project managers. Nature, history, sociology and even psychology are the subjects of an art form that borrows its economic approach from rationalism, and the power of its emotion from romanticism.

For this project, the simple volumes of the house, called MaisonP, were designed to marry with the orientation of the land. Changes to the natural slope of the hill are thus kept to a minimum and its wild character preserved.

The project is composed of two distinct parts: the main house and a drystone outbuilding. The house, with a floor area of 296 sqm, is built on one and the same level but divided into several units. The ground floor comprises three separate same height volumes: the 74 sqm. garage, the entrance/kitchen area and the bedroom/living room area, the latter containing 4 bedrooms including the master bedroom. The outbuilding, with a floor area of 95 sqm, is slightly higher than the house, and lies on the north-west part of the land.

The project is divided into two, along with a plant-lined canal, transparency enhancing its perspective along the full length of the house. The entry proceeds around a pond.

MaisonP is definitely not a monolith but an architectural composition, structured around empty spaces, in reminiscence of the bioclimatic architecture of Provence.

Without ever complaining about a nonetheless critical situation and with ease, Jean-Baptiste Pietri reveals all the possibilities offered by an approach combining rationalism and romanticism, reason and reverie.

Single-Family House
Client: Praximmo
Inspection Engineers: Apave Sud Europe
Structural Engineering Consultants: OGC
GFA: 296 sq m.
Delivered in October 2017
Photographer ©Philippe Biolatto



 Philippe Biolatto



Founded in 2001 by Jean-Baptiste Pietri, PietriArchitectes located in Paris has up to about twenty partners.
In 2016, PietriArchitectes won with two other agencies the international competition for the Rhine embankments renovation in Huningue.
Last year, the agency delivered several projects: 145 apartments, a stone's throw from the coves of the Massif des Calanques in Marseille; a private house on a hillside parcel offering a panoramic view over the Alps; and 58 apartments + 2 shops on an exceptional site connecting the historic heart of Aix-les-Bains with Lac du Bourget. More recently, the agency delivered a senior residence or even a housing program.
Many projects are under construction, such as a luxury hotel, an office building and a mixed use tower in front of the sea.


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