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CUBO design architect

Concept text about the project M4 designed by CUBO design architect:

This residence overlooking the city of Matsumoto with its famous castle and the beautiful mountain ridgeline beyond was designed for the mother of lead architect Hitoshi Saruta and guided by memories of his own childhood in Matsumoto. The house frames its sweeping views in a way that constantly reveals fresh discoveries in the changing color of the sky, the movement of the clouds, the mood of the mountains, and the shifting seasons.

Although the windows at first appear randomly placed, they are in fact carefully designed so that their varied sizes, depths, heights, finishes, and shapes present a diverse sequence of scenes whether the viewer is sitting or standing. The barnacle shape of the bay windows serves to heighten this framing effect, as well as to create a striking exterior appearance and deepen the shadows inside. Because the structure follows the V-shape of the property, the broad plain occupied by Matsumoto and its neighboring cities is visible from anywhere inside. There are no windows on the side of the house facing the road due to privacy concerns, but many on the opposite side facing the landscape. Natural light therefore comes exclusively from one direction, which increases contrasts in the lighting and, together with the placement of the windows, results in a strongly shadowed spatial structure.

A separate building houses a music room for playing piano. Throughout both buildings, the minimalist interiors feature exposed wood framing arranged in the kaburazuka style, with beams radiating from a central hub. The design evokes Matsumoto’s traditional buildings yet is unique thanks to the varied angles of the roof, achieving a free and bold interior.

Technical Report about the project M4 designed by CUBO design architect :

Because the shape of building is long rectangular in order to make wide open spaces on the landscape side, it’s difficult to establish wood structure that can resist wind pressure and earthquake.
We placed twice thickness of wall, which is reinforced by braces, in appropriate span as structural system.
In addition to the wall structural system, we challenged to hybrid structure and ceiling design in LDK. It’s composed of wood strip and pieces that are randomly placed within 1300 mm and goes directly with the strip to prevent twist.
We set 3 different sizes of pieces to pursue architectural aesthetic.


 Matsumoto city, Nagano
 Masako Saruta
 Hitoshi Saruta
 CUBO design architect/Tomonori Takauchi, Masanori Kanetani, NAWAKEN-GYM/Kenji Nawa
 Takizawa Koumuten Co., Ltd
 Kouichi Torimura


CUBO design architect/Founder : Hitoshi Saruta
1971- He was born in Nagano prefecture
1995- He graduated from Yokohama National University Department of Management. After working as a carpenter and construction manager for a construction company, he engaged in housing and store design at a design office in Kanagawa prefecture. 2004- He established "CUBO Design Architect"
2006- He was the winner of the Good Design Award

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