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4 plus arhitekti

House / Completed
4 plus arhitekti

The residential building is designed according to the project task and the applicable regulations and standards for this type of facilities.
Location of the object is a plot of 25.00 x 40.00 m in Tuzlanska Street No. 7a in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The shape of the building plot is correct, of 1000.00 m². On a given plot a residential building of 196 m² was built. Buildings in the immediate environment were built in different periods and without clear stylistic characteristics.

Functionally the house is divided into a living area and a sleeping area. The daily zone located at the central level of the house consists of a living room, dining room, kitchen, study room and bathroom. Sleeping area is located at the highest level and has three bedrooms with two bathrooms and laundry. The technical floor is located in the basement of the house and besides storage areas, there is also a kitchenette with which you can reach the large covered terrace at the terrain level.
On a hill with a view of the city, we built a house for our four-member family. The selected plot has a large slope of terrain. The height difference is 12 meters. Positioning the building along the street meant a large excavation in the first phase of the construction, as well as the maximum care for the leaked trees on the plot. The house opens up completely to the city and absorbs it into itself. According to the street it is introvert, only its last floor is visible, where just the parking for cars is available for the content. By enabling permanent visual contact with the city we also achieved the position of the open main staircase from which you can enter the house in the central level.
The house opens to the city from its three floors. The highest level of access to the parcel from the street is reserved for car parking. The central level consists of a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. Basement floor is technical and there are ancillary rooms as well as a heat pump. The house is an energy efficient building of class A + and is one of the first family facilities built with this energy class in Banja Luka.
With materialization of the segments of wood facade we achieved the contrast of the basic white cube of House 4. A contact facade was made on the house with a thermal insulation thickness of 20 cm. The reinforced concrete structure is a mixed assembly. The walls are made of porous concrete blocks. The outer locksmith is aluminum with three-layer glass. The floors in the house are made of cast epoxy and ceilings made of natural concrete.


 Banja Luka, RS
 Sasha Cvoro, Malina Cvoro
 Sasha Cvoro, Malina Cvoro
 4 plus arhitekti
 MB Modul
 Radovan Beleslin
 MB Modul
 Malina Cvoro, Sasha Cvoro


The Architectural Studio “4PLUS ARHITEKTI” has been established in 2002. We prepare projects for buildings and facilities with high architectural value. There are two actively working architects, Sasha Cvoro and Malina Cvoro. Our studio has a big number of projects with high quality and good technical-economic indicators. We have great creative potential, because our team is composed of professionals with extensive experience. Innovative ideas we upgrade at the faculty of Architecture where we are working as professors. In its activities rely on a balance between design and function.

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