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Perfect Dream Hotel


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Today, Jeddah is a major commercial and business center in Saudi Arabia, hosting thousands of events and accounting for 30 percent of business activities held in various parts of the Kingdom.

Located along Al-Andalous in the area of Al Ruwais between the Red Sea and the city, Perfect Dream Hotel expresses its vision to create a powerful landmark gateway identity connecting the city. This vision sets new standards of higher quality of life and prosperity in this strategic location.

Perfect Dream Hotel is a luxury project as expression of melding of the synergy of two compositional languages and features. An object where the free form shape contrasts with the pure elements, where the black part establishes a dialogue with white one, where the solid components are in contrast with the transparent surfaces.
The massing is generated from the typical double loaded corridor configuration hotel constituted by two extruded monolithic blocks as location for the spatial and functional requirements. The operation of shape alteration emerges creating a V element that allows the modification of the orientation of the blocks, now wings, to specific site context, the city, and the vision of converging towards the sea on the opposite side.

The arrangement of the new design complex allows a better exposition and to take maximum advantage of southern daylight while minimizing heat gain.

The connection of the wings is designed with a continuous articulated tectonic forming a suggestive in-depth correlation of its inside out. It is a manifold surface that mathematically growth up simulating the hyperboloid form of Fox Coral, a marvelous way to maximize surface area in a limited volume.
The smoothness is not a mere artifact of the aesthetic decision but it also ensures structural efficiency as well as the field condition to generate an optimized triangular tessellation on a given surface. The double curve surface is grafted as closing element and creating bridges and holes and configuring the front elevation as vertical landmark. It represents the most peculiar element of the project: an aluminum white structure of…..square meters composed of ….triangular glass panels.

The Perfect Dream Hotel accommodate 240 King rooms, Junior suites, Executive suites and Presidential room, and includes civic spaces, meeting and event facilities, prayer rooms, lobby atrium, shops, restaurants, health club and rooftop pool, as well as extensive back-of-house areas and ancillary facilities.
The ground level presents the lobby entrance, a majestic double space where start three glass elevators providing guests with remarkable view of the hotel’s interior and exterior.

Investment will be attracted by the high quality built environment. New opportunities will be created for business and individuals to thrive. Our vision creates a place that is shaped and defined by great experiences.


 Arabia Saudita
 Al Murjan development
 25072 mq
 Dario Donato
 Alessandro Raiola, Hesham Abdelhafez, Filippo Zampese, Paolo de Luca


Spatialconnection(s) is an international contemporary design practice led by Dario Donato, with professional experience in the field of architecture and design.
Founded in 2009 the firm employs innovative tools of investigation, speculation, contamination and evolution for architecture and design in motion, going to encode new scenes of daily life in according with the boundary conditions, the adaptability of economic, socio-political and cultural aspects of the city.
Spatialconnection(s)’s vision is specifically geared towards to the new digital culture, continuing an exploration into generative design processes and fabrication systems to produce socially, environmentally, economically performative design solutions and demonstrate their buildability.
The firm was awarded during 2018 as Emerging Italian Talent Firm of Architecture within the X edition of New Italian Blood.



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