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Mercure Almaty City Center, Almaty


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The Hotel Mercure Almaty city center, is a project realized by CaberlonCaroppi architectural studio and where international chain standards are flawlessly fused together with the genius loci and charm of Kazakhstan.
From the common areas to each room, a colorful, fully detailed and eccentric Interior Design is the main character and guides the users through eccentric spaces full of details that wants to amaze and surprise through their brilliance. In every space, textures and graphic decorations drew inspiration from Kazakhstan traditional art and were specifically created for the project. The shapes of the furniture are soft and modern so as to create welcoming spaces of great personality. All materials used and the careful design merged with the attention to the latest trends without losing sight of the comfort scenario: the perfect combination to reach success for such an international target.

The project also seeks to revisit the functional layout, so as to offer an efficient product with an innovative eye. The ground floor is mainly used as a reception area and as internal services for the hotel. The reception, lobby and bar have been developed in such a way as to avoid dividing the areas and making them look like islands in a single open space, thus remaining in communication with each other and preserving privacy.
At the reception, the traditional function of hospitality is combined with the more technological one of fast check-in and check-out. This involves a lightening of the structure, which almost becomes a simple flat surface, so as to suggest an evolution from the classic desks. It is the golden lacquer and graphics that give it its visual centrality in the space.
At the meeting floor, where there are several areas dedicated to business, a large space has been reserved in front of the reception with multiple functions: lounge, coffee break, reading area, convivial tables, which give further life to what would have been a simple waiting area. The third floor, which houses the functions of catering, buffet and breakfast room, is a blaze of colors and graphics. In this area, the choice of textures, fabrics and paintings has been carefully studied with the aim of obtaining spaces that are not only comfortable but also extremely characteristic.
The Spa area is spread over several areas, providing a full service to the customer. In these spaces it was decided to adopt more neutral and natural colors, so as to create environments suitable for relaxation.
The hotel’s rooms are a summary of everything that has been told so far: a simple but functional layout, the presence of specially designed graphics, such as the headboard, attention to detail, finishes and quality of the furnishings chosen. All this to create cool spaces, comfortable but with a strong personality and ready to tell modernity and tradition.


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 Renco kat
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Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi founded CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects in 2004. Based in Milan, the firm is specialized not only in designing hotel and resorts for a number of prestigious international and private companies, but also in luxury houses, industrial design and corporate identity. Since 2004 CaberlonCaroppi Architecture firm designed more than 130 hotels all over the world. During the years, architects have took part to several cultural events and exhibitions and they have given several lessons for Doums Accademy, Politecnico University in Milan and Tsinghua University in Beijing.


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