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Zhengzhou Dahe Chenyuan Community Sports Center

Lacime Architects

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Lacime Architects
In the process of rapid urban renewal, it is often accompanied by damage to cultural attributes and memory ecology. Therefore, we are full of awe in the design of the land boundary and the near water boundary. The project is located in Zhengzhou, China. The Dahe Chenyuan Community Sports Center is built on the Suoxu River, making full use of the water space. Rather than an architectural design, it is a shaping of the humanistic pattern of “living near the water”.

“The architecture itself should be like the one born in the earth.” Therefore, how to respond to the site is an important consideration in design. The entire site is triangular and the long side is facing the river. We use a linear space transition to echo the triangle's site, while the staggered volume enhances the penetration of the waterfront landscape. The volume starts from the riverside ramp and ends in a two-story outdoor gray space. The whole body is simple and powerful, agile and full of changes. It is like an inscription which a huge sword carved on a land of the Central Plain.

The planning plane of the shape of zigzag architecture also defines the external public square space and the internal private courtyard space. The various voids formed by the turning and Interspersing of the block just become a variety of different functional spaces, such as the main entrance space, the secondary entrance space and the inner yard gray space. Coupled with the embedding elements such as canopies and two-story platforms, the nature of the space is more clear.

The large slope of the landscape in the northeast corner weakens the boundaries of public space both inside and outside. while the visitors enjoy the scenery of the river, looking back at the square space, inadvertently entering the relatively private inner courtyard from the external public space.

The facade takes a cautious attitude, there is not much singularity in the composition of glass and stone. with the motif of the block turned and Interspersed throughout the entire exterior wall. For the urban streets, the architecture show a stable and continuous interface. On the inside, an encircling space is displayed to view the river and accommodate the garden. The material of facade is mainly beige stone, integrated with the site, simple and powerful, dignified and solemn.


 Sunac China
 4115 mq
 Zhiguo Ren
 WenJie Li, LingJi Zhang, Fei Chen, KunFeng Yin
 XiaoJun Wan, ChangHeng Zhang


Lacime Architects upheld the architectural philosophy "Simplify complicated material" since it was established in Shanghai. The name "Lacime" was given by founder Song Zhaoqing. It comes from French which means"peak"and express the aim to design first-class architecture work.
After 13 years'development, we have over 500 architects and rich experience in the large projects in china and overseas. We actively participate in the residential, commercial, cultural, tourism and various type of work, aiming to cultivate local talents, integrate elite design team and provide best solutions to the clients.

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