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Bubble Arts - Hele International Art Center

Pone Architecture

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Pone Architecture
Teaching functions supports courses for dancing, vocal music, piano playing, drum set, art, and theatrical performances. (Ballet, Latin dance, Chinese dance, children's dance, creative art, professional art, vocal music, guitar, ukulele, guzheng, piano, drum kit, violin, martial arts), Organizes classrooms by volume of teaching sound in a progressive way. The art center is a simple space. The start of its construction resembles children drawing with linen threads, their earliest art practice. A small theatre on the left of the first floor entrance in an isolated position, flow of retreating audience after performance is over. The dancing group in the middle goes the deepest and is tranquil; Small classroom teaching group. The Second floor: The painting room takes the place along windows and enjoys the best feed of natural light. Musical instrument group and one-on-one piano room in the middle. On the deepest space is the vocal music classroom group built with professional sound insulating systems.

Total project area is 5435 square meters. First floor area is 2235 square meters.Storey height: 3.4 meters. Second floor area is 3200 square meters.Storey height: 2.8 meters Teaching functions is Art education for children.

Bubble Arts
All humans are entitled to be linked with art.
"When bubbles meet the ceiling, why do the bubbles burst, instead of the ceiling bursts?"
In children's world, one feels the urge to protect the beauty of their senses and imagination!
Instinctual character is far more important than a contrived personality.
— N.J. Harperrickon

The Imagination of Bubbles - we wish to create artistic space using children's thinking.
• The classroom plane is designed with inspiration of the earliest children's art of thread drawing.
Allow the children to explore the space through the curved visual area. The linear movement in the space inspires the children, stimulating their interest and curiosity in art.
• The simplest and most intuitive loop route is designed according to the allocated area, which is in term determined by the classroom function.
At the intersection, around the corner, there are naughty circles which look like bubbles.
• We hope to transform the space into an inspiration for education, activating children’s sense of art at an early age.
• The classroom is not just defined by doors, as the stage is everywhere.
• There is more fun in the aggregation of public spaces, which might be a workshop, or a mini-concert.
• Public personal space is set up inside the Art Center, which allows the children to express themselves freely.
We hope the Art Center will be a space for education in function, and a serine and nourishing place for the soul in spirit.


 Poly Developments and Holdings and Poly Hele Education
 5435 mq
 Wuhan Xianyao Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
 Lighting Consultant and Audiovisual
 Guangdong PAK Corporation Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Topography Electronics Co., Ltd./
 Ming Chen


Hele International Art Center, Wuhan, founded by China Poly Education, is an art institution for children aged 4 to 12. In the earlier stage of the project, the owner of the project proposed 3 key demands: 1. The Art Center should not feature childlike fun. Instead, it should establish an image of professional education institution. 2. The design of the interior space should be based on the feelings of children, which is different from the constrained and rigid style of traditional teaching environment. 3. The Art Center itself should be a space of art in the city.

We hope to transform the space into an inspiration for education,activating children’s sense of art at an early age.


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