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Tabanlioglu Architects & Schluderarchitektur
The project captivates the curatorial concept through a subtle and convincing, albeit complex spatial positioning, and is of timeless elegance. The conceptual construction of temporal beam clusters as well as archaic life has been transposed into a strict artificial solution. Particularly to be highlighted is the view into the depth of the room, which allows the most varied view connections, as well as the inclusion of floor and ceiling by the selected construction. The modular structure corresponds to the heterogeneity of the objects and the planned content-related diversity.

The offered module system represents a technically and constructively thrown solution, however, it is not convincingly mediated how the clusters are treated formally.

Functionally, the cash and wardrobe area, the stair area as well as the entrance area in the main exhibition areas is aesthetically appealing and unused.

The draft leaves room for communicative as well as discursive aspects, which are, however, the central concern to the people in charge of the House of History in Austria.

The concept does not follow a simple scholastic, chronological narrative, but tries to lead the visitor in a playful way, as a chosen digital character, from the history into the complexity of the historical time window. The time beam with its building blocks, as well as the breaks and continuities, is bounded, with the clusters still to be defined, into a walkable matrix..

In the new access to the museums, the Kassemöbel penetrates the glass portal with a playable display case and thus offers a striking announcement for the Haus der Geschichte Österreich in the Pillars Hall.

The exhibition is divided into the design code in the magnificent stairs and the richly decorated rooms with large-volume forms.

The media guide accompanies the visitor as a witness. The exhibition area, as well as the "online portal Austrian history" at Zwischenpodest, is defined by easy-to-play modular exhibition furniture.
The furniture is supplied with electricity and data via a hanging system and a horizontal distributor serving as lighting. This supply allows a supply via a wall connection, rather than via the listed wall and ceiling surfaces.

The juries commented "The project is characterized by a subtle and convincing, if complex, spatial location of the curatorial concept and is of timeless elegance." The conceptual structure of the time beam, clusters and narrative life has been transformed into a striking artistic solution. The view into the depth of the room, which allows the most diverse visual connections, as well as the inclusion of floor and ceiling by the chosen construction. "


 Haus der Geschichte Österreich Competition
 1000 mq
 Michael Schluder, Murat Tabanlıoğlu
 Milan Mijalkovic (Schluderarchitektur) Çağrı Akay, Güray Oskay, Betül Ay, Ayşegül Özarmut , Onur Kemal Kösedağ, Büşra Turan (Tabanlıoğlu Architects)
 Lighting Consultancy: Jan Dinnebier (Studio Dinnebier) Digital Interface: Graphic design: Bohatsch und Partner Fire Safety and Structural engineering: Vasko und Partner


With its long family tradition since 1950’s, spanning over six decades, Tabanlıoğlu Architects is established in 1990 by Murat Tabanlıoğlu (RIBA, Chartered Member, Int'l. Assoc. AIA,) and Dr. Hayati Tabanlıoğlu. Melkan Gürsel (AIA Int.) joined the group as a partner in 1995. Istanbul-based architectural firm demonstrates a professionalism based on rigor and know-how, and searching for new efficiencies in terms of global and environmental needs and developments, the practice is currently engaged in major assignments worldwide, having offices in Dubai, Doha, London and New York with 200 employees. Operating mainly in Turkey, MENASA and CIS Countries, winner of international awards like RIBA International, Tabanlıoğlu works comprise wide range of building types. Respecting resources and existing values, office aims high to benefit new technologies, envisioning needs of people of our era of novelties and rapid changes.


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