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The DEA turnkey solution brings cutting edge technology to serve the purpose of expanding Primary and Specialist Healthcare beyond the infrastructural and connectivity frontiers, to reach the core of remote or disaster affected communities, providing an integrated solution to support global coverage of healthcare, with diagnostics, treatment, monitoring and community support. Its connectivity features, modularity, durability, ease of deployment and energy self-sufficiency make DEA the solution to bring manageable health coverage into remote rural areas, in refugee scenarios or into disaster stricken areas.

In a world where mobile technology is growing rapidly, telemedicine has the potential to assist in managing the burden of the disease, and overcoming the shortage of medical doctors through international service. The developing world is trying to improve access, quality and equity in healthcare with limited budgets. Telemedicine, the provision of medical services over distance using information and communication technologies, is seen as a possible solution to some of these problems in both the developed and developing worlds.

DEAs (Dyalisis Emergency Assistance) units are healthcare code compliant with the healthcare delivery facilities designed to provide on-site dialysis treatment. They are ideal for providing on-site dialysis services at correctional facilities, for disaster response applications, international and / or humanitarian purposes. DEAs are available in 2 or 4 patient care station capacities.
DEA’ shelters are structure made by light alloy and generally match the dimensions and performance required by major regulations of interest: ACE, ISO, NATO, UEO. Because of the special construction technique by which the shelters are built, we can easily create a non-standard performance on customers' requests. The shelters can be equipped with doors, windows, patch panels, internal separations and so on.

They distinguish themselves through their reduced weight in respect to their usable space, although they count with the appropriate structure to withstand the most severe operating conditions, both mechanical and environmental. The facilities of the shelters can be implemented with armored kits EMI and RFI, which make them particularly suitable for complex scenarios such as the central command for Armed Forces, facilities or applications such as radar or the last place piloting unmanned aircraft, known as drones.

The shelters can be constructed by using mixed materials (stainless / aluminum) designed to meet specific requirements of customers who want to combine the best qualities of the structure, resistant and light. Generally these types of shelters are made by a frame, made of welded stainless steel tubes, and sandwich panels with the characteristics similar to the those entirely constructed of aluminum as mentioned above. This type of construction is particularly suitable for the creation of shelters expandable by 2 o 3 volumes.

The DEA turnkey solution allows the highest standards of connectivity to link central hospital control centers and modular clinic facilities right at the heart of any remote territory, thanks to innovative and cutting-edge telemedicine platforms.

DEA benefits:
• Transportable by helicopter, tractor, train or ship
• Rapid setup allows fast delivery of patient care
• Can be integrated with existing structures
• Easy to clean surfaces ensure superb infection control
• Equipped with cabinetry to provide storage for medical supplies and equipment
• Ready for Telemedicine
• Easily removable after use


 Trento (TN) - Prato (PO)
 Public and Private Client in Cameroon
 14 mq
 Marco Mazzetto - Valentina Favaretto
 3ndy Studio
 Planet Innova network
 dott. Martin Tsemzang Sopjio (Cameroon)
 Emergency Solutions (Prato) - Fresenius Medical Care (Africa)
 Render: Andrea Sparzani architetto


Marco Mazzetto (1973) and Alessandro Lazzari (1972), right after achieving their master’s degree at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV), established in 2002 the 3ndy Studio in the province of Venice. Since the start, the activity of the Studio has been interested in planning, researching and implementing architectural projects involving different levels of design.
Since 2015 3ndy Studio has been partner of Planet Innova, a network of companies operating across sectors of Industry, ICT, Agro-industry, Renewable Energies, Medical, Waste Management, Communication and Marketing.
The multidisciplinary team is dedicated to every aspect of delivering turnkey projects across the world, to provide the Client with the highest quality solution for advanced and innovative projects. Planet Innova shaped his network wisely to be the right partners for the African rising growth, boldly and passionate to contribute to the future to come: green, inclusive, resourceful and profitable.

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