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As one of the largest corporations in Korea, CJ sought to create a truly unique environment that served as a progressive, world class scientific discovery center reflecting their “Only One” spirit. This new 1.2M SF research and development facility was conceptualized to support a new scientific workplace environment with an array of amenities to foster creativity and innovation. Essentially, a living discovery center that nurtures emerging ideas for a better life.
The new environment supports both scientists and administrative employees by fostering an inspiring experience that not only focuses on the intense comprehensive tasks that accompany their job functions within integrated work lab settings, but also encourages relaxation and offers places to reconnect and refresh. By doing so, the overall environment invigorates innovation and provides a sense of unity and harmony throughout all aspects of the organization as well as respects each individual’s need for balance. The design serves as a catalyst to better enrich the organizations’ culture, position CJ as a global leader and ultimately create a unique, memorable experience.

The client’s identity features a three-petal blossom that represents a “better life” of happiness, enjoyment and convenience, which coupled with a program supporting three scientific divisions focused on bio/food research, helped to inspire the new building’s footprint. Three towers wrapped in an organic curving mullion-less glass and custom scrim rise around a central atrium that cultivates interconnectivity and engagement with fluid circulation while enriching all with natural light. The atrium acts as the growing nourishing stem that thrives with activity and life. The base of the building is metaphorically the seed from which all else blossomed. This is where the large shared spaces are located and a strong connectivity to nature is rooted and engaged with the landscape beyond. Forms within the interiors evoke sinuous shapes of emerging growth. Gracefully curving wood walls translate as seed hulls, offering an element of discovery and interest within while harmoniously integrating with the undulating movement and form of the atrium itself. The three vital brand colors are used within the neutral surrounds to reflect discovery within spaces like a flower within a bud, and often become immersive and vibrant within unique areas.

The “Only One” spirit is reflected by creating an environment that offers an array of spaces to support multiple functions. Employees can connect through a central café, rooftop terraces, micro test kitchens and coffee areas throughout the building. Seminar rooms, an odium, library, meeting rooms and discovery workshops offer places for employees to meet outside of their open collaborative teaming areas and individual work/ lab spaces. Employees working long hours have places to rest and reflect which include lounges, an interior living forest overlooking a hillside preserve and ethereal water garden. Throughout the day, employees and visitors can rejuvenate by using the fitness center or sleeping pods. Bold and unique design elements within synthesize with the architecture of the building and create a presence that supports choice for individuals to work and rejuvenate.

Manufacturing and Building Process
Physical and psychological comfort was considered using air distribution, lighting enhancements, flexible working options and technology. This allows the environment to be accessible, aesthetically pleasing and productive. A complete holistic approach to daylighting was achieved with a large central atrium, glare controlled perimeter and daylighting sensors. Flexibility and efficiency is afforded throughout each floor by means of a chilled beam system for temperature control.

Many materials were sourced locally to help ensure carbon reduction within the process of the project. The building’s solar radiation was studied to optimize the percentage of the façade perforations This enables the building to save energy, reducing the output of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, ultimately helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the building and employees.

As one of the leading corporations in South Korea, this project employed thousands within the country for construction on many areas and will support the livelihood and strength of this innovative company for generations ahead. The building location is situated near mass transportation, enabling employees to access the office easily through their commute.

Community Connectivity

Given the size, scale and success of CJ Corporation and its Blossom Park research HQ, this project employed thousands within the country through design and construction jobs, an inherent benefit of this project that builds on CJ’s strong employment record in South Korea. The building is also purposely situated on a major public mass transportation through line, enabling employees to access the office easily and sustainably.
The workspace itself also empowers the people who work at CJ. Sleeping pods, a winter garden, a water garden, fitness center, library, and on-site daycare are just a few of the building elements that offer employees a healthy, flexible working space. CJ also drove improvements to the building’s surrounding landscape with represent major improvements for local resident’s quality of life

As one of the leading corporations in South Korea, this project employed thousands within the country for construction. With a walkscore of 78, the location is very walkable, where most errands can be accomplished on foot. Nearby parks include Suwon World Cup Stadium, Tong-gongwon, 0 Won Yonam, and WiFi Garden.

Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, groceries, parks, schools, shopping and entertainment are all conveniently located within 1km of the building. Multiple bus stops allow for ease of access for employees and visitors commuting from any direction.


 Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
 CJ Cheiljedang Corporation
 111500 mq
 Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign
 Architect: CannonDesign Interior Design: CannonDesign Mechanical Engineer: CannonDesign Electrical Engineer: CannonDesign Construction Manager: CJ E&C Lighting Designer: CannonDesign Prime Architect: Heerim Architects & Planners Structural Engineers: ARUP Cost Estimators: Faithful+Gould


Led by award-winning designer, Mehrdad Yazdani, the Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign comprises a group of creative thinkers who share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design — from refining concepts of sustainability to the application of new technologies and urban initiatives.

Operating as a design laboratory — exploring, investigating and experimenting with ideas in architecture and looking at innovative methods of delivering these ideas — we are committed to design excellence and transformative client collaboration across a range of project types and budgets. We broaden the design dialogue of all our undertakings, viewing each exercise as an opportunity to explore with our clients and formulate a solution that meets their needs while providing an enduring architectural vision.

Our design methodology is founded on research and development, while capitalizing on the depth and resources of a large firm with a structure that ensures quality, delivery, value and integrity.


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