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Studio Vertebra
The Volume Istanbul project is located in Kurtköy district, which is the fastest in growing and gaining value on the Anatolian Side of İstanbul.

Designed with modular system solutions, a dynamic project has been achieved by mass moves through the confusion of the axles.

Mesh panels were applied on the facades belonging to some sections of the structure to obtain a double facade system. Thus solar control has been provided within the building, as well as the volume differences in the design has been made more visible.

The landscaping area, which is highlighted in the entrance courtyard, has also been brought to the terraces on the upper floors to make the project feel more green.

The project was designed on the basis of environmental considerations. The commercial units are placed to serve the intensive human circulation.

There are commercial units on the ground floor and offices on the upper floors. The project has a courtyard that allows natural lighting and natural air conditioning in all units.
Volume Istanbul project is located in Asian Continent in Istanbul.It brings the advantage of accessiblity to Marmara coast and to airport with this location.

Important headquarters of native and multinational companys' and institutions' that operates in Turkey are placed in regions like Maltepe,Gebze,Tuzla.Place is one of the valuable prestige area of Istanbul.

Structure has an attractive and animated clothing different from other stable architetures on the street. On the contrary of arround different singular functioned buildings it integrates more than one architectural benefit in its own harmony.

Because of the view in slices in project that is formed by sliding of blocks it is obtained more comfortable and rationalist function in different categorical (business,residence and homeoffice) usages. There are trading shops on base floor.There exists business areas on upper floors and hotel floors on the top.

Within the system, while the lamination happens in vertical, floors spread through the verges in horizontal and produce the middle area.

A multiple-spaced(multi disciplinary) structure is thought to be formed consisting residances,offices,hotel floors,sports and besides shopping environment placed in the trading section within the body of project.This brief; has been tried to solve with architectural,functional and structural identity and with an integrated perspective.The significant point was the idea of these areas independent of each other to compose a social area in their own center.

''Playing with aspects may help to explore new worlds."

Human life is a sectional harmony of different feelings and places.We over here dreamed a structure that is breaking the monotony and forming its own way-out Volume's; just as human life.

The main stress of the structure is the floors to create their advantage with edged conversion.Building with this property as it talked with city and gained its public space supremacy.

The Layout hosts an invention that leaves itself to surprises and individuality.

*It has a free view against the ordinariness of around architectural buildings.

-Primary attraction of customer's attention was the innovative and exciting reflection of the building's form placed in human mind.So it reached to a line different from other residence and trade centers' massic stances.

*A new language is used.Different usage units by demolishing the verges of closed area unveiled roof garden areas and formed a backyard in the middle of structure flowing.

-A moving and flexible style is obtained by changeable positions of structure layers.V(Volume) bearer, which has a sculptural effect with its discernable and perceptible posture on the street creates an attraction area. ''Volume'' with this effect by merging the property of open backyard composes a square and common living quarter.

*The solutions included existing possibilities of terrain to reach the maximum ergonomics.

-Existing of air obstacle(obstaclelimitationsurfaces) on project area was one of the precision areas.Against this limitation the building though in the verges of terrain or in vertical air slope keeps to live maximum volume and ability at its composition.

Besides additional advantages , increased vendable area in customer terms strengthened the project.


-The glasses used in building are type triplepanewindows.It leaks the daylight in.

-Via triple special glass system, by keeping the heat inside in winters it reduces the heating loss %77 and makes saving on fuel expenses.

-Offices and residences are preserved from distracting sun lights by the system of doublefacade.

-It decreases the heat of sun %40 in summers and saves cooling expenses.It reduces the event of cold area window seats in winters and hot area in summers.

Mesh cloth

- With the selection of mesh cloth the surplus heat is absorbed between degrees -30 / +70 and interior places is preserved against high temperatures.Air conditioning usage ratio is reduced inside the building.

- Mesh curtainig system designed according to sunlights glancing angle provides building's climate and heating comfort.

- No wetness and puddle occurs because of its perforated structure.It is a recyclable material that can be used for many years.


-LED lamps are selected for lighting equipments.LED lamps produces more light by consuming %90 less energy.Because of LED lamps it can be provided savings nearly %50.


-In Volume project the natural light penetrates into gallery field from frontside and upside with the help of massic space which is formed in the middle of the structure.So the light's surface area is widened.The natural daylight is gained to structure without needing any extra lighting by the journey of this light penetration from outside to inside.


 Caliskan Group
 33225 mq
 Gencer Yalcin, Efe Kagan Hizar, Bahar Yucel, Dilsad Aslaner, Mehmet Bektas, Nevzat Bardakci, Hande Irmak, Emre Koyuncu
 Gencer Yalcin, Efe Kagan Hizar, Mehmet Bektas, Nevzat Bardakci
 Ncore Architecture Construction. Tic. Ltd. Sti


Studio Vertebra is an architectural design office established by four partners in 2009. It provides “multidisciplinary” project services in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, and historical restoration. Keeping in mind urban, architectural and interior architectural factors together, it adopts a “holistic” approach in all its projects. The design process is far from individual convictions and all the designers in the team contribute to the progress of the process. The employer’s requests are evaluated as an important factor in the design process and the employer is also considered as a partner in the team. The mentioned “multi-input” approach is an extension of the concept of “universal” project.The field of activity consists of all the architectures in various forms and scales including city designs in high quantities.

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