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Landscape / Completed

On November 30, 2017 the new shopping district of CityLife was opened in Milan. The new high-level commercial area was born at the base of the tower designed by Zaha Hadid with 100 shops and 7 cinemas.
On the same day another piece of the large CityLife park was completed.

The new park is identified as the third largest in the city center Milan. It is a part and parcel of the urban fabric of the ambitious Masterplan with which Citylife is transforming the 350,000 square meters area of the former Trade Fair. The project is characterized by the complete separation of car and pedestrian flows through a specific underground road with dedicated parking areas.

The CityLIfe park can now be crossed, surrounds the shopping district and has reached the size that makes us understand that it is a real new part of the city.
The development work of this project from the preliminary definition to the building phase, is characterized by its complexity in the interfaces with the different architectural and engineering designs of underground works and the M5 underground line because in fact the park extends to the basements of the three skyscrapers designed by Hadid, Libeskind and Isozaki. In fact, the park for about 40,000 square meters stands on green roofs for which specific projects have been managed both with low thickness and high thickness wall units.

The idea: The landscape project is based on the creation of a welcoming environment, in which the morphology creates different views as in the great tradition of large landscape parks.
The topography draws the park and creates completely different areas, from the slopes that connect Piazza Tre Torri to the city, to the Italian garden that follows the torsion movement of the Tower designed by Zaha Hadid, to the great clearing, true breath of the park.

The study of vegetation highlights the difference in environments; the wooded area with large shrubs completes a crown all around the park in order to preserve the uniqueness of the place. These shrub-like areas are alternated with large patches of herbaceous perennials and grasses that in the heart of the park light up colors both in summer and autumn. The Three Towers seem to stand on the sloping lawns creating an unusual scenery in Milan.
The trees are arranged in thickets or scattered along the lawns to create an interesting play of projected shadows. In the CityLife park, trees of different sizes were used, in order to create woods with individuals already adults and others less, as happens in nature. Large oaks, maples and elms increase the feeling of a park already grown up. The presence of trees with multiple stems in nature increases the impression of spontaneity of the environment.

How to make the park live.This answer has been also in the thought of Gustafson-Porter who developed the first concept of the park. From the functional point of view, the project aims at the maximum usability of a public space as never before, endowing Milan with a modern park in terms of range of activities and variety of offer by age ( outdoor gym, play areas, kindergarten, large spaces for free use, wi-fi etc). The park will also host the first open-air Contemporary Art Museum in Milan (ART-LINE) with 8 artists selected through the competition for under 40 and 20 renowned artists.
To date, the park is widely used by citizens, remarkably even in the period of non-activation of the Shopping District. This is a virtuous and unique example in Italy where, within a private initiative, the service to the citizen comes first of the private works themselves thanks to the virtuous collaboration with the Public Administration.


 Milan (IT)
 CityLife S.p.a.
 arch. Margherita Brianza, arch. Luca Manzocchi
  arch. paes. Chiara Moroni, arch. Francesco Pastorelli, arch. paes. Cecilia Galli Passerini, arch. Maria Vigevani, arch. Simonetta Ruggiero
 A.T.I. Euroambeinte s.r.l. e Peverelli s.p.a; E.MA.PRI.CE. S.p.a
 Proter studio agronomico forestale; Alpina Spa; HPDB Engineering; DEERNS Italia
 Panche Santa &Cole Cestini: Beaver Company Giochi: Richter Spielgerate Attrezzi fitness: Norwell by Euroform Portabici: Setga Pali illuminazione Gewiss e IGuzzini Pavimentazioni: Lastre di pietra in beola Asfalto Natura Del Debbio
 Luca Manzocchi ; Alberto Fanelli


P'ARCNOUVEAU is a Landscape design office based in Milan (IT) founded by Margherita Brianza and Luca Manzocchi in 2008. Since that time P’ARCNOUVEAU has dealt with important projects such as that of the gardens of the residences designed by Libeskind in Milan. The new large CityLife park, a very complex experience. P'ARCNOUVEAU also deals with the landscape project of the new Mortara Logistic Center, the terminal for the new Silk Road coming from China. P’ARCNOUVEAU has also been involved in the project of the former Fiat Area in Trieste, and the Fidenza Village landscape with Vudafieri Saverino Partners. It is due to him the design for the new ATA hotel in Milan. The studio regularly collaborates with Citterio-Viel & Partners with whom he designed the Bulgari Hotel in Moscow and the Song-Shou Plaza in Taipei. P’ARCNOUVEAU recently started designing the landscape of the new residences of Libeskind in Milan.


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