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Belani Corporate Office

Abin Design Studio

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Abin Design Studio
The concept behind the interior design for this builder and developer's office was to lend a welcome feel to their customers: i.e. prospective homeowners, while still identifying the space as a corporate office. The design was devised employing various materials from the building industry and incorporating them in the detailing of interior elements. The idea was to make a statement of luxury using very basic elements, but empploying them in a different way to create a bold and unexpected display.

The office comprises three main zones, namely: The formal reception leading to the Workspace, the Chairman's Enclosure with its separate access, and the Customer Interaction Lounge. The Client as a corporate entity, one of the bigger names in the city's building industry for many decades, is now undergoing a transition with the younger generation stepping in to take charge. Their idea was to embrace the new world while preserving the legacy of the company.

The design intent was to create a contemporary open office, as minimal as possible. Concrete tile flooring provide a neutral base for the design elements to be subtly showcased. Accents of blue and red have been sparsely incorporated through the spaces to mirror the branding colours of the company's logo. These provide a break from monotony while subconsciously connecting all of the spaces to the company's iconic presence.

The workspaces are predominantly designed in white to augment the natural light that abundantly flows into the office. Located on the second floor across the road from from a sports club, the office floor enjoys open views of sprawling tennis courts over verdant treetops from its glazed exterior walls. The cabins of the senior managers are designed as open cubicles, defined only by translucent side partitions. Green walls in every zone make for a breathing space while providing relief to the indoor spaces.

The design of the Customer Interaction Lounge derives its inspiration from the basic requirements of the client's customers themselves - prospective home-owners. In the centre of the Lounge is a large sculptural 'Tree of Wishes', symbolic of the customers' desire for a 'home'. This wooden tree is set against the backdrop of the typical 'house' shaped profiles of the Audio-visual and meeting rooms depicting the simplified imagery of a home mirroring the customer's aspiration for an idyllic abode.


 Belani Group
 535 mq
 Abin Design Studio
 Abin Chaudhuri, Tilak Ajmera, Paromita Chatterjee, Moumita Pal
 Ravi Kanade


Abin Design Studio began in October 2005 under the leadership of Abin Chaudhuri. He graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in 1998 and pursued Industrial Design at Domus Academy, Milan. Recently, he attended the Glenn Murcutt International Master Class 2014.

ADS believes architecture is an artistic expression as far as it transcends its purely utilitarian, technical and rational realm, and turns into a metaphoric expression of the lived world, human condition and context. Our aim is to provide a “Soul in the Shell”.

We believe architecture is not merely about Creation, It is about a Search. From social aspects, to the mechanics of spaces and forms, from the beauty of light and shadow to striking a harmony with nature, it is essentially a continuing process of discovery of cohesion in the world. The journey, and all that we come across during this process, is what contributes to one’s growth.


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