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KOOQ is an innovative idea for outdoor kitchen made entirely from stainless steel , with a sliding shell in Corian®, also with highly durable materials which suitable for outdoors in every seasons. This design product is a custom-made, handcrafted on a project by 3ndy Studio for an exclusive customer, in order to complete the furnishing of his garden with an unconventional cooking and design areas.

It is an independent monoblock that can be installed in any outdoor surroundings apart from other similar products available in the market. Besides, it does not need any roofing, porch or canopy, as the Corian® shell protects the kitchen and its accessories from external conditions, both above and from the side. For its installation it is sufficient to prepare the connections for the supply of water and electricity.

KOOQ is designed as a work station to stay outdoors that offers the benefits of traditional cuisine, it is an ideal solution for those who love outdoor dining and cooking especial y in summer period. Moreover, thanks to the many drawers , it is no longer necessary to run from the inside out with dishes in hand, glasses, tablecloths, pots and other kitchen equipment, in a continuous and rather unnerving coming and going, unpleasantly.

Now we are going to describe more in details for the characteristics of this product.

KOOQ in the closed version looks like a white prismatic monolith with the dimensions 300 x 80 cm, which can be used as a table top for summer cocktails, while open reveals its true functional soul: a technological block in stainless steel equipped, where every technological component is combined with the design, integrating cables, pipes and gears, which are nonvisible from the outside.

The fixed block is made of treated marine plywood, a real equipped kitchen divided into classic modules, 60-90-120 cm, complete with built-in sink, extractable faucets, induction hob, fridge, doors and drawers, all completed by satin stainless steel coating. Every single component is designed to hide inside the stainless steel cabinet to avoid creating an obstacle during the closing of the shell, therefore the induction hob is flat and completely recessed, the taps are telescopic, the drawers have no handles with push & pull cushioned opening and closing system. The door of the fridge itself can be opened thanks to an integrated retractable handle.

KOOQ has been designed to be easily replicable and customizable, thanks to the use of the classic modules 60,90,120 cm. The advantage of a modular kitchen also lies in the fact that at any time it is possible to add a piece, even from other companies compared to the original one, because, at least for the most important measures, the modules are the same and so the correct inclusion with the most important appliances is guaranteed.

KOOQ in the open version becomes a real open-air living room, where in the warmer seasons, it is possible to set up lunches, dinners and cocktails, the shell becomes a convenient and functional support surface both for food preparation and for 'preparation of the mise en place. The overall dimensions of the open kitchen are 600 x 80 cm.

The shaped mobile cover, made of hot-dip galvanized metal complete with powder coating and Corian® coating, has got an authomatic opening and closing system by radio command, thet opens and closes easily through silent sliding tracks on the ground, flushes with the flooring. The opening and closing system is designed to avoid collisions with possible obstacles on the work surface, thanks to a sensor that activates automatic braking.

The success of KOOQ in terms of aesthetic guarantee and functionality a year away has already given excellent results: both the protective shell in Corian® and the block in stainless steel, with no wear off or color change. The properties of both materials include creative flexibility, durability, high performance, excellent UV and weather resistance, easily for maintenance and repairable, reliable structural performance and certified fire resistance.


 Camponogara (VE)
 Di Paolo Giuseppina
 2.40 mq
 Marco Mazzetto
 3ndy Studio
 Vertigo Metals di Marco Novello
 3ndy Studio


Marco Mazzetto (1973) and Alessandro Lazzari (1972), right after achieving their master’s degree at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV), established in 2002 the 3ndy Studio in the province of Venice. Since the start, the activity of the Studio has been interested in planning, researching and implementing architectural projects involving different levels of design: from the objects up to the buildings and the urban planning.
The Studio also competes in national and international planning contests, obtaining various mentions and awards. Nowadays 3ndy Studio is a consolidate reality, which proudly boasts several successful works in Italy, and which represents a meeting point for skills and personalities.
Since 2011the Studio has been working also abroad, in Qatar, in Djibouti, and in the UAE, in important collaborations for the realization of interior design projects in major facilities for both residential and commercial & business purposes.


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