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Inside Pereri Village, situated in Fossò ( a city near Venice ) only few steps walking from the center, there is a new area for living, reachable with the public transportation and experiencing with the nature. With the connection to the city bike path and equipping with the spacious green areas also a playground for children in the cozy place for rest and relax.

With this urban context, 3ndy Studio has designed and merged ideas, together with the client, Immobiliare Doria srl, building this project named "Morehouse"; the project consists of 13 terraced houses developed in three modules with different sizes in S, M and L. the sizes of dresses in tailoring, because this is the point: a new design with a wide selection of new houses which compatible with everyone’s need : singles, couples , families with children .

MoreHouse represents a concept of the design which enhances and increases the function of the building, which architectural elements are valuable factors: the saving of land consumption, the economic savings in construction, privacy respect and energy saving.

Land consumption: terraced house is a type of residential architecture that is halfway between the concept of "house" and "housing", the independent units with no common areas, not only external one, but also building side by side and sharing a part of the perimeter walls. This type of construction is limited by a garden in two sides and enough on three for the head units. The compactness of the volume was built with a high density, avoiding the waste of soil and rationalizing the external spaces of access and relevance.

The economic saving of the building: during the construction phase the terraced house have severals technical advantages that allow to optimize costs, many structural and covering architectural elements are built in common. Another cost-effective factor is to have a single purchasing center for the technological components of the plants, building materials and finishing materials.

Privacy respects: the alternation between the pedestrian and the vehicular entrances, creates limited side-by-side bordering, as if it were semi-detached. Also the presence of the jutting walls which separating the living units allows the inhabitants to live in their own house, especially the living areas, an assurance for greater privacy of housing units.

Energy saving: the units are extremely eco-sustainable, made with the highest quality materials and windows with high performance insulating . An architectural level by the very fact of supporting one another, having the benefit of having two heated walls , and only two facing outwards, this factor allows a high energy saving and very low running cost.

As for the construction of the elevations, we do not see the repetitiveness of the same module in the facade, as in the famous examples Mario Botta or Alvaro Siza. Morehouse's zig zag plan anticipates the movement found in facades, which are multi-faceted and differently oriented, ie the front for each housing unit follows a different angle of orientation. Lodges and overhangs create even more movement, and a “serpentine” as a logo of the project has been created.


 Immobiliare Doria srl
 2400 mq
 Marco Mazzetto
 3ndy Studio
 Fornea Impianti srl, VISS Serramenti snc, Morosin Ceramiche snc
 Andrea Sparzani architetto


Marco Mazzetto (1973) and Alessandro Lazzari (1972), right after achieving their master’s degree at the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV), established in 2002 the 3ndy Studio in the province of Venice. Since the start, the activity of the Studio has been interested in planning, researching and implementing architectural projects involving different levels of design: from the objects up to the buildings and the urban planning.
The Studio also competes in national and international planning contests, obtaining various mentions and awards. Nowadays 3ndy Studio is a consolidate reality, which proudly boasts several successful works in Italy, and which represents a meeting point for skills and personalities.
Since 2011the Studio has been working also abroad, in Qatar, in Djibouti, and in the UAE, in important collaborations for the realization of interior design projects in major facilities for both residential and commercial and business purposes.


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