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Lagos Wooden Tower

HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

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HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates

Lagos Wooden Tower aims to create a new generation of the city of Lagos, above the existing urban fabric. The challenge was "How the roof of today can be the plot of tomorrow? How to build a new city above the existing one? What is plan B for the future?’

The tower is a residential unit that develops around cultural and urban themes. The project located in Ikoyi, a luxury residential area, is built on top of an existing structure.
The entire structure of this residential building is assembled by using resistance of LVL wood system. LVL Wood is used as a load-bearing and a non-load bearing structure. Structural feasibility and sustainability are based on wood.


Lagos is the most populate city in Africa and represents a big deal for architects. City consists of 16 million inhabitants. Situated in the heart of Ikory, the most popular and the richest residential site of Nigeria, Lagos Wooden Tower is the unique wooden structure which is designed to be a smart and sustainable building.

The project focused on the reinvention of a new urban fabric with the hypothesis of a solution and sustainable construction with wood. In addition, the city owns forest resources to produce engineering wood. Lagos Tower is a residential unit that develops around cultural and urban themes. The Design is built with a high resistance LVL timber system and stands out as a residential tower that acts as a smart and sustainable monument to the city.


Built above an existing structure, the existing "Abebe Court" is a complex of four structures. It consists of 4 bedrooms and 3 apartments spread over 4 floors. There are amenities: swimming pools, gym, tennis courts, children’s playground, parking lots, water treatment and sewage treatment and electricity generators.

The tower is organized in three blocks above an existing structure. Each block consists of six current floors. The envelope of each block corresponds to a particular Yoruba tribal symbol. The blocks are connected to each other by gathering space and sports or recreational activities for residents. From the bottom to the top, there are housing units with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.

Height of the tower allows to benefit from natural elements such as ventilation and lighting. The floors are surrounded by greenery and terraces. The building envelope is as sunscreen, beyond its cultural significance. The greenery in the space creates beauty, sensitivity, naturalness, aesthetics and comfort for the residents. With its micro-climate effect, it is a giant lung in the urban space which helps to reduce the surrounding pollution. The terraces allow you to enjoy the sky and the city, the beautiful landscape. The roof is a landscaped and living space; it has a restaurant and a garden. The whole is oriented to maximize daylight and natural ventilation.

The design Take into account cultural parameters, the predominant and historic human group of the city of Lagos: Architecture and Yoruba Culture. The envelope high lights Yoruba culture with their massive presence in the heart of Lagos. Inspiration comes from the history Yoruba. This envelope is a sunscreen, beyond its cultural significance.

This experimental smart tall building is developed through natural, recyclable and local material. It can be a beautiful landmark for Ikory and in Nigeria. By consideration of the context and the local history, the design improved lifestyle and reveal all these points: Marketable, serviceable, economical, sustainable, environmental, Ecological and Social.

**The Role Of Timber**

The entire structure is built by using resistance of LVL wood system. It is used as a load-bearing and a non-load bearing structure. Structural feasibility and sustainability are based on wood. LVL products allow crossing very far-reaching. Wood is known as the fingerprint of Nature into artificial buildings. Maybe will it connects us to nature? Its most powerful comes from the unity of each piece of wood and it is wonderful.

With this project, Architectural contribution is bringing a wood building tower and wood construction technical into a landscape dominated by concrete buildings. Nigeria benefits of the tropical rain forest from the central to the southern part of Nigeria. Lagos is in the south and belongs to the rain forest; why we cannot build in wood?

Aside All, wood is not the only material, but it is efficient and appropriate for this region of the world. The nonsense is why do you have a potential of rain forest and you decide to do not used it?

The aim is to benefit of the power of wood, the entire structure is built by using resistance of LVL wood system.

Shortly, in this project, wood is not only important for its structural properties. Wood is important for its aesthetic, its cultural impact; importance, usability and influence in every day life routine.

**Status **

Shortlisted | International Competition - Plan B: The City Above the City | 2016


1. Finalist| Inspireli Awards 2017 | Vision| 2018
2. AR Standard| MIPIM/AR Future Projects Awards | Residential | 2018
3. Winner | WA Awards | Designed | 2017
4. 1st Prize Awards | WAFX Prize | Cultural Identity | 2017
5. Winner | American Architecture Prize | Green Architecture | 2017
6. 1st Prize Awards | Rethinking The Future Awards | Residential (Concept) | 2017
7. Finalist | World Architecture Festival | Future Project – Residential | 2017
8. Bronze Trophy | A’Design Award | Architecture, Building & Structure Design | 2017

Timber Rising | Roca London Gallery | Exhibition | London | UK | February  –  May 2018


Official name: Lagos’s Wooden Tower
Location: Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Gross floor area (GFA): 40,176 m²;
Gross volume (GV): 135,108 m³;
Site area: 13,000 m²;
Footprint area: 1134 m²
Building height: 87 m
Materials: Wood
Building Technique : Wood Engineering LVL System


 Metsä Wood
 40176 mq
 HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates
 Hermann Kamte
 HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates


HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates is an award-winning Architectural firm based in Yaounde, Cameroon led by Hermann Kamte. The Office provides services including Architecture, Design, Urbanism, Landscape, Education, Research and Development.

As a young practice, we have gain international visibility and currently work in a range of project in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. Through a series of international awards and rewards, HKA, focuses it work on sustainable development integrating modern design tools into his creative process to achieve a contemporary and modern aesthetic.

Team believes the creative process is fundamental and at the basic of each project, because each one is unique. The vision is to bring a new dynamic into African Architecture before to investigate the worldwide community. The aim is to contribute to shaping the world by giving another appreciation, approach and subtlety.

A Better World Is Possible !


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