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Andrea Vattovani Architecture
Although every project is unique in its own way, every now and then, an architect has the pleasure of working with a client who already has a really extraordinary idea of what he wants. In our case the client wished for a house which would resemble the beloved Rubik’s cube.

From the moment the clients walked in with a Rubik’s cube in their hands it was quite clear how seriously we should take this inspiration. They were inspired by the unique simplicity of the object, it’s character, colours and of course - movement. They turned the top level of the cube for 45 degrees and said - “This is how we imagine the house.”

What followed was an extensive research of the cube and it’s form. The primary task was to maintain this iconic image while still achieving the desired architectural elegance and functionality. We started by interpreting the colours of the cube into architectural materials, settling finally on the OKALUX glass system which allows us to achieve the glossiness of the cube while still playing with the transparency of the building. This allowed us to create common, semi-private and private areas with only “one” material. The privacy level also changes vertically through the house, the more upwards you go the more privacy you get. The facade thereby allows for essentially undisturbed views into the landscape while still providing the necessary privacy. The “Cube” is then put on a simple concrete base which integrates with the surrounding landscape and accentuates the Cube’s sculptural form.

The ground floor consists of the generous kitchen and dining area with the lounge. These are directly connected to the outdoor area -the terrace and the pool. The indoor and outdoor area are connected through a large window which is basically one of the Rubik cube’s panels which slides seamlessly behind the adjacent panel. The first floor is the semi-private family living room which can be used for those cosy movie nights and fun family evenings. Covering only 2/3 of the building footprint it acts as a gallery level. Due to this feature the dining area and lounge receive the double height ceiling. The top floor is fully private consisting of a master bedroom, children’s bedroom and a bathroom. The master bedroom features also a separate bathroom as well as a walk-in closet. The levels are connected trough a central staircase with a bathroom/toilet on every level.


 220 mq
 Andrea Vattovani
 Igor Kolonic, Mario Keusch
 IDDQD Studio, AVA


The AVA office is a young and successful studio is based around ideas, vision and goals set out by Andrea Vattovani. It has since been active in a range of areas closely connected with architecture, urbanism, design and research. The office has participated in wide range of competitions and projects internationally - in countries such as Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Lebanon, USA, China, Thailand and Finland...

Being an architect is a delicate and multifaceted task. One must not only be an excellent technician, but also have artistic, creative qualities, tied in with patience and amazing listening skills, not short of a psychologist. Furthermore, amazing organisational skills, and an acute awareness of the influence one exudes on peoples’ lives are also of utter importance.

We aspire to create timeless architecture by reducing form, efficient and functional use of materials and at the same time remaining conscientious of costs.


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