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Senhora da Hora House

raulino silva architect

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raulino silva architect
Senhora da Hora’s house was designed for a plot terrain with a street front characterized by its similar constructions, inserted in an urban environment not far away from the center of Matosinhos. The Senhora da Hora village, which population is equivalent in number to a small town, has territorial limits with the cities of Matosinhos and Porto, in the North of Portugal.

Despite the proportions of the property, that allowed the construction of single-family housing with four free fronts, it was intentional to organize the house with two main fronts, to enable the lateral facades to be placed against the gable walls of the neighboring houses. The difference between the two neighboring houses heights gave rise to the variation in height of the facade in order to allow the construction to be aligned in both sides.

On the lower floor facing south, we have the car access to the garage with parking spaces and the main entrance that takes us up the stairs. From the main atrium we have a connection to the common room with openings on both facades, the kitchen, the laundry room and the bathroom all facing the backyard. In the backyard we have a swimming pool with a wood deck area and a lawn area with fruit trees.

On the upper floor we have two bedrooms and an office facing the main facade, all of them have a balcony. The bathroom to support these spaces is illuminated by an enclosed courtyard. In the back facade we have the main suite with a bathroom and a dressing room. This bedroom has connection to the central courtyard on the upper floor, which allows the solar orientation west for the space and also the lighting of the corridor area.

The finishing materials used for the interior are American pine flooring on all floors, with the exception of Estremoz's white marble bathrooms, which also covers the walls of these spaces. Walls and false ceilings are made of plasterboard painted in matte white. The carpentry will also be matte white with appropriate lacquering, allowing the continuity of surfaces.

The white blades covering the balconies make it possible to safeguard the structure of the winds, rain and solar rays. The use of exterior shading elements allows even greater efficiency in solar control. In the house is planned the use of solar panels, for electric power generation, for heating sanitary waters and for heating the swimming pool water. In the back garden will be installed a reservoir, buried underground, which will collect the rainwater in order to supply the swimming pool and for garden maintenance.


 349 mq
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva, Daniela Amorim, Cátia Sampaio, Hélder Silva, Ismael Santos, João Mendes, Jorge Dias e José Ricardo Vieira
 not yet contracted
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva Architect
 Raulino Silva Architect


Raulino Silva lives and works in Vila do Conde, where he was born in 1981. Graduated architect by Escola Superior Artística do Porto in 2006. Since 2011, he has its own architecture office in a small village in Vila do Conde, where, with a team of architects, he develops essentially single-family housing projects and small equipment.
Among other awards and nominations, he won the: 3rd Prize at the Baku International Architecture Award 2017, with the Touguinhó III House, Azerbaijan; Winner of the Iconic Awards 2017, with the Touguinhó III House, Germany; 1st Prize at the Baku International Architecture Award 2015, with the Cemetery Extension, Azerbaijan; Selected for the Enor 2014 Architecture Prize, with the Cemetery Extension, Spain; Nominated for the 2014 Building Awards, with the Cemetery Extension, Portugal; 3rd Prize at the Baku International Architectural Award 2013, with Event Equipment II, Azerbaijan; 2nd Prize at the Bergamo di Architettura Prize 2003, Italy.



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