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Line Graph House

Zubu Design Associates

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Zubu Design Associates
We were interested in creating a singular massing that is inspired by a line graph, a form that shows varying ridges. When we were approached to design the house, the clients had a preconceived idea that their house will be a three-bedroom, one-storey house. However, we wanted to attempt to let the house breathe in terms of spatial quality. We wanted to orient spaces into a central garden, shown in the plan as configured like a letter "U". We wanted to achieve very pure form blocking the western sun, while rising again towards the bedroom to create the main openings. Some oblique manipulation in terms of plan creates more dynamism towards the relationship to the garden. This approach had to make use place one of the rooms on the second floor and the entertainment room perching above the garage.

This leads us to be BOLD in its form and intent, where one singular mass in front seems to be perching on one end - manipulating the form to look like a single-storey building swooping up to become a two-storey house. The singular mass alongside the undulating ridges hopes to achieve a singular mass in front, solid and pure, and opens up with more windows connecting the outdoors for 215 square meter-floor area on a 365 square meter-lot area.

The interior of this residential building is designed for natural light and ventilation to enter the space and to create a breathable atmosphere. Clerestory windows are placed in some areas to achieve this.

The main material used for this project is concrete and glass. The line graph house primarily made use of the typical post and lintel construction methodology. However, the design solution featured a solid and pure mass that due to its degree can be considered as a secondary wall structure calling for a different construction methodology. This secondary structure needed to be lightweight and must be attached to the primary structure to maintain structural integrity. We made use of a double wall system using EVG. This methodology makes use of constructing built-up trusses serving as the main framing, EVG panels are then placed in between which comprises of styrofoam in the middle of the cavity and is sandwiched by steel meshes so that the concrete plastering application can hold. This double wall structure now serves both as a vertical enclosure and insulation as this building methodology embodies insulating properties.


 Iligan City
 215 mq
 Buck Richnold I. Sia
 Jess Niño L. Baraga, Chlyde Ignatius S. Cañete


Zubu Design Associates is a progressive architecture and design studio lead by Principal Architect, Buck Richnold Sia and his Managing Partner, Jumax Morgia. Buck Sia started his own practice in the year 2005 and later on merge with Jumax Morgia at the end of 1st quarter of 2017. Zubu Design Associates already accomplished various projects from residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality, to interiors. Zubu Design Associates have also been featured in various publications, and Buck Sia was also named by BLUPRINT magazine as one of the top 20 designers under 40. Zubu Design Associates strives to be at least modern in all its works. This uncompromising quality makes the studio approach its works with serious thought process. This can be further detailed on how the studio value and work on progressive ideas, process driven design and justification through high technical details. Architecture and design should be an intellectual pursuit that can affect the experience of its users.



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