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progressive thinking, hotel ballguthof

Bergmeisterwolf Architekten

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Bergmeisterwolf Architekten
the hotel ballguthof dependance looks for a new reference to the context of south tyrol, an area strong in morphologic ways, with valleys, rivers and lakes, prosperity in materials and colours. it is difficult to unlink these places from the idealized picture of the mountains, an image that inspires the whole project. the hotel is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by vineyards, orchards, a church tower and the dolo-mites in the background.

black rough concrete walls of the hotel ballguthof dependence are commonly associated with cities or urban environments. however the four-storey building at the base of mount san vigilio in northern Italy, with its materials, textures and clean lines, is strongly linked to the place.
despite its stark exterior the hotel ballguthof dependence seeks to dialogue with its surrounding reacting to the silhouette of the landscape.

the shape of the roofs melts with the surrounding ones, complementing and forming them in a new way. along with the landscape goes new architecture: rooftops play with peaks behind, the colour of black concrete merges inside the windows with those of the mountains, contrasting them in summertime.
the challenge is to find new proportions and relations with the existing, becoming part of the context and contributing with the construction of the place.

the link between natural scenery and construction is intensified by the green plantings. the same vegeta-tion covering south tyrol is used to cover part of the roof, intensifying a relationship of continuity between the landscape and the building.

loggias and terraces strengthen the playful act with contrasts and create private, intimate spaces at the same time. the curved lines of the roof are echoed by the balconies balustrade, whose continously sec-tions change. Some of the balustrades draw an arc around the façade columns.
a dynamic facade has numerous characters depending on different perspectives. a bronze box stands out the façade and strengthens the movement effect.

the hotel ballguthof dependance interiors are mostly clad in wood and offer a warmer and slightly more traditional setting. the new stuben handle the past in a dialectic way, coming up with new features such as bathroom or kitchen, some just stay as stuben. the hotel ballguthof dependance reinterprets the tradi-tion playing with new functions and private spaces in the interiors.


 andreas höfler
 3220 mq
 mariagiulia vanzo
 gustav willeit


gerd bergmeister arch
1969 born in brixen studies architecture of the iuav of venice and the “leopold franzens universität” in innsbruck.

michaela wolf arch
1979 born in meran studies architecture of the “leopold franzens universität” in innsbruck, the architectural association in london and the “politecnico di milano”. since 2017 professor of “entwurf und raum” at the university of rosenheim.


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