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Ignacia Guest House

Factor Eficiencia + A – G

Hospitality / Completed
Factor Eficiencia + A – G

Ignacia Guest House starts from the rescue of this old house in memory of whom was the former housekeeper for more than 70 years. The concept of the project was created starting from the personality and documentary information about Mrs. Ignacia, from the chromatic palette and gardening (inspired by the landscapes of Ignacia’s origin place, Guerrero) to the intimacy of spaces.

In a plot in Colonia Roma, Mexico City, a 1913’s mansion, a neoclassical villa style construction with characteristic architecture of the neighborhood, was rescued.
We preserved the original floor plan but we reassigned the use of the spaces. Moldings, plasterwork and historical finishes were restored. The windows frames and original doors were preserved, and the wood stave floors were rescued.

The historic building includes the entrance hall, reception, library, dining room, kitchen and the Black Guest Room (master suite), all along with a common concept of nude color used in the interiors of the building.
A completely new building was built in the space where the service rooms used to be to house the rest of the guest rooms: Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow which are vertically arranged around the central patio. With terraces and a harmonious chromatic palette, each guest room creates environments in tune with the complex.

The interior furniture creates a dialogue between tradition, past, modernism and contemporaneity including designer furniture such as Eileen Gray, Eero Saarinen, Serge Mouille, Sean Dix and James Tan, likewise the spaces are complemented by pieces of contemporary design: A-G, Bo Concept, PECA and Jonathan Adler. Pieces of the artisan workshop pieces of the pottery master José Cervantes, from San Agustín Oapan, Guerrero complement the project.

The Colonia Roma, a classic of Mexico City, which, since its foundation at the end of the 19th century, has been the protagonist of the history of the country's capital. Neoclassical architecture, art nouveau, deco and contemporary constructions coexist in this neighborhood that has seen a rebirth: after three devastating earthquakes, this zone is now experiencing a cultural effervescence like never before; every inhabitant, street and house are participants in this radical change. Today, Colonia Roma is a fundamental part of the heart of Mexico City.

We know little about her. She was born in 1914 and, coming from the metropolis, in 1929 she arrived at the mansion where she was the housekeeper until 2000, year when she died.
Ignacia dedicated her devotion to the house, became part of it and her imprint is still valid; as a character of Pita Amor, Ignacia enjoyed the house as if it were hers and in the end, practically it was, she knew it until it last corner and administered it with rigorous discipline; she planted two orange trees in the garden where she rested and the one that had crossed thousands of times.


 Ignacia Guest House
 Factor Eficiencia + A – G
 Fermín Espinosa, Andrés Gutiérrez, Maye Ruíz, Andrea Martín and Montserrat Padilla
 Factor Eficiencia
 Landscape design: Maye Ruíz (A – G)
 Jaime Navarro


Led by Fermín Espinosa and Gerardo Salinas, they have dedicated to architecture with a high degree of efficiency and a rigorous attention for high design, having both, government works and private projects that integrate technological and structural innovations.
Based in Mexico City, their projects are located through out several states of the country, as well as in United States and Canada, responding to the needs of the client and the characteristics of the environment.

A – G
It is characterized by working at the pace of international trends while redefining a young and daring Mexican context. Versatility is his constant, he worries not only about international references, but also about the cultural effervescence and design of the local Mexican scene.
A - G takes care of the details of each work, giving preference to Mexican products formulating a national design rarely seen.


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