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Ningbo Duao Art Museum

Progetto CMR

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Progetto CMR

Ningbo Duao Art Museum

Project name: Duao Art Museum
Client: HKE Group
Project Location: Zhangshui, Ningbo, ZheJiang
Date of Involvement: 2015
Area: 2,700 sqm built

Art museum, accommodation, restaurant

Where art, history and nature meet: Ningbo Duao Art Museum
A new centre in the cultural life of Ningbo has seen the light, characterized by unspoilt nature and ultra-modern architecture.

The cooperation between Progetto CMR and HKE Group, the Chinese relay manufacturer giant, gets further: after the project for the new HQ in Ningbo, the Italian integrated design practice is assigned the new Duao Art Museum, set in a beautiful mountain village out of Ningbo.
The idea of the Museum originated from the strong desire of the client, who envisioned a place for creativity and culture, a new centre where artists and intellectuals could share ideas. The Museum will host art exhibitions of high level, personal collections and thematic cultural events.
Food and nourishment were indeed the main ideas behind the project. The site, specifically chosen by the client, was originally used by the army to store grain, the food for the body, and will become a place to store art – the food for mind.
The symbiotic interaction between the building and the surrounding environment marks the entire project. The building is designed to have 7 wings, connected by a central area. From the center, the wings spread out towards different directions, each with its own private view on the surrounding landscape, making it an intimate place for artists to find inspiration.

The building is arranged into 3 floors, and each floor has its own function.
The exhibition space is placed on the ground floor, where bamboo gardens and sculptures are fully integrated on the green hill, blurring the boundary between the building and nature. The outdoor workshop at the foot of the hill provides the artists a place to relax and be creative in the bosom of nature.
A small courtyard runs through the center of the 1st and 2nd floors, bringing into the space more natural elements. The 1st floor consists of private rooms and gardens, and windows at the end of the branches make it a perfect place to enjoy the stunning mountain landscapes. The 2nd floor, being half covered and half open, is designed for social situations. Indoor living rooms and restaurants are also designed on this floor to meet private meeting needs.


 Zhangshui, Ningbo, ZheJiang
 HKE Group
 Progetto CMR
 Progetto CMR
 Tony Wang


Progetto CMR is one of the largest Italian integrated design practices established in 1994 in Milan with offices in 12 cities around the world. A member of EAN European Architects Network, the company is organized in three departments: Architecture, Engineering and Design.
Since 2010, Progetto CMR is listed among the top 100 design practices worldwide
"Less ego more eco", less personal interests and more shared goals, is the design philosophy of the company, and it is also the title of the latest book on sustainability by arch. Roj (Editrice compositori 2012).
Italian recent Projects: ING Direct new Headquarters in Milan, Adidas and Generali new offices, the new Headquarters of HP in Milan and Rome, Unipolsai’s building in Milan, and a new multi-purpose room for Ferrari.
Abroad, the firm is involved in several urban-scale projects, all under construction: the China-EU Future City in Shenzhen, Xiantao Big Data Valley in Chongqing and an eco-sustainable village in Manjiangwan.

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