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The planned area is surrounded by rich nature and still has a historic medieval townscape. This town is the author of the Pinocchio story
It is called 'Collodi' from praising Carlo Collodi. The city of Collodi is situated in a military strategically important place, for military reasons
A building was built on the hill. The planned site is located at the foot of the hill, and the site is divided into two by the stream. From the ancient times the Italian Tuscan region
The paper industry is thriving and requires a lot of water, so the river was an important presence for this city. In the premises there is a building which was a former paper mill, conversions are required. The main program of this proposal is the child library.
The concept of a library departs as a place to record and store past events, eventually become a symbol of the accumulation of knowledge of powerful persons, and citizens have free access it changed to a place to incorporate knowledge. However, with the development of electronic media and the Internet, it is possible to store knowledge anytime and anywhere demand for paper books has declined, and the concept of the original library is shaking. In modern times the development of AI is remarkable and our life changes greatly by AI. Children living in the AI ​​era demand not only that they are controlled by given information but they express desire and curiosity for knowledge.
Think about it, deeply drill down and contribute to human happiness.
With such a big theme, we designed a child library. Next, we thought about what kind of architecture would make children's curiosity. It is said that 90% of the human brain will be completed between 0 and 10 years old. We divide the period from 0 to 10 years into three stages,
We analyzed and programed the abilities that children should acquire for each stage. Children grow in this library with various experiences through five senses. Each program is sprinkled apart on the premises, but all programs by one form of promenade and the form that the earth turns up
Are linked to each other. The interior of the building has two types of landscapes built up like a mountain or those dug down like a valley. Both are in a form to reasonably stock books, necessary rooms and facilities.
The building of the former paper factory which is the historical symbol of this town, combined with the architecture proposed by us, serves as the archive library of the library and as a way to connect the history of this town. It will continue to function.


 Hideo Yasui
 Sota Asai, Keito Ito, Ayako Mino


Hideo YASUI Architect  Aichi Institute of Technology Department of Architecture Professor 1958 Born in Shizuoka,moved to Gamaguri in Aichi afterwards 1981 Received architectural training at Aichi Institute of Technology 1981 Joined in Takamitsu Azuma Architecture Office 1985 Joined in Kitaoka Design Office 1986 Established Yasui Hideo Atelier 2012 Aichi Institute of Technology Department of Architecture Professor Awards JCD Design Award(JAPAN) Nashop Lighting Contest(JAPAN) IALD International Lighting Designers Contest(U.S.A.) IIDA North American Lighting Society Award(U.S.A.) Design Selection by Asahi Glass,Co.,Ltd(JAPAN) PLAN AWARD 2015(ITALY) and more

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