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blauraum Architekten /Nalbach+Nalbach Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH

Mixed Use  /  Future
blauraum Architekten /Nalbach+Nalbach Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH
Mixed-use building with town apartments, hotel, cinema, restaurants, retail premises, and public underground carpark
Hamburg is building for the future. The KPTN development – a total of five units – stands on a 6,400 m² site in the Übersee quarter, the commercial mixed-use centre of HafenCity. KPTN provides town apartments, a hotel, cinema, public underground carpark, restaurants and shops in a central location, and combines private retreats with shopping and leisure facilities. This inner-city, mixed-use development benefits from generous landscaping and rooftop gardens.
A special feature of the KPTN is the modular living concept involving micro-apartments that can be combined into larger units and thereby adapted to the different phases of their future residents’ lives.
The mixed-use ensemble with around 220 apartments has retail and restaurant facilities at ground floor level. An important aspect of the design was the creation of a flexible structure in order to generate sustainable adaptability to the different life phases of residents. Living space can be adapted to residents’ life phases: micro-apartments can be converted into 2- or 3-room apartments that are also suitable for families.
The hotel, cinema and residential ensemble feature red brick facades. Red brick is reminiscent of the historic old Speicherstadt, whilst the buildings’ style is unmistakably modern. The windows of the residential block were specially developed, featuring storey-high opening elements with soundproof glazing. These innovative soundproof HafenCity windows with fixed solar screening and sliding door elements allow for natural ventilation without lessening the sound-reducing effect. A public piazza and pedestrian passage separates the two buildings. The piazza provides access to the restaurants and other functions and provides generous outside seating and meeting space.
Generous landscaping such as on the raised inner courtyard and the extensively planted roof terrace provides high amenity quality and helps to improve the local climate. All residential units benefit from access to the children’s play areas on the roof.

This energy- and resource-efficient development aims to obtain HafenCity (Gold) environmental certification, which is similar to DGNB certification and has been awarded since 2007; it is key to the sustainable development of cities fit for the future, such as HafenCity.

A special feature of the KPTN is its modular and flexible design, which takes account of residents’ different life phases. The architecture aims for high-quality design based on small residential units which can be combined into larger units if required. The objective was to accommodate different set-ups for living in this urban context in a comprehensible and recognisable way. The design approaches the residential concept as one with an open and flexible structure, defining sustainable building as long-term adaptability. The individuality of the residential layouts and their overarching design concept of homogeneous diversity are emphasised, creating a succinct identity for this prominent position.
Furthermore, the forward-looking design and the mixed-use hybrid concept that combines residential units with shopping and leisure facilities is beautifully integrated in the existing structure of the city quarter with its dynamic inner-city developments. With its concept and innovative architectural approach, the KPTN provides an answer to contemporary and future challenges associated with urban development, providing the physical setting for a city quarter filled with life. The concept and design of the HafenCity window is such that in future it may well serve as an inspiration for the design of other projects in the HafenCity neighbourhood.


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blauraum is a company offering the full range from conceptual planning to realization of buildings, as well as implementing all measures of urban planning development.

While focusing on the conceptual and technical challenges incorporating the variety of strategies in the daily practice of architecture, the main objective remains the initial concept, the origin of every planning. Central to blauraum's every planning process is the closest possible transference of the original architectural concept, starting from the draft on paper as well as the virtual rendering on screen into the finalized, materialized object.


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