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The base is located in Taiwan. It is a display showroom for few brands of furniture. Function, ergonomics, comfortable feeling of the dyed leather and fine sewing craft are always emphasized by Switzerland classic furniture brand -de sede. It shows combination of warm atmosphere and life, therefore, designer deigns the space base on the idea of emphasizing the value of products, so that the expressions of color tone and atmosphere are cold to make customers have better feeling toward vision and sense of touch on products.
Considering the client may introduce another classic furniture brand and maintaining the brand difference, the individual entrance and office area is designed between two exhibition areas. It is not only provided for De sede Kaohsiung shop, but also serve customers base on different needs of brands. The rare construction material- U shape glass shows the coherence of two spaces. Half penetrated decoration material is used to describe the change of future indirectly, as well as variable segmentation is provided.
Architectural concrete wall is selected to express cold tone on the wall extended from the first floor to the second floor on the left side. Aluminum grille goes through two floors as the integration material for the space. Linear grille covers beams and pillars and builds a completed face, which shows the neat and natural beauty by difference of color after the light shine on it. Matting material is used for large floor to enhance the sense of nature in the space, and it respond to aluminum grille to make the background with one color, so that the space is more extended. Leading the circulation by color pattern generates the direction in a space. Using stone material as conversion and stone floor as extension to height brings people an upward ramp platform.
The platform works as the staircase turret as well as the living area, which can decrease the height of the stair landing and the physiological burden of climbing down stairs. Life goes on as performance every day, so that mental care is expected, therefore, we create the platform by using its own difference of heights to make the sense of being on the stage. The functional effect is also added for sampling area to select the materials of furniture and leather color.
Using the individual cantilevered stairs as the structure makes the connection to upper and lower floor. The sense of independence is provided by using the transparent glass for every single step when the integrity of the main wall is maintained. Hairline finish stainless steel provides the connection for floors. The screen is hidden and provides the whole new experiences of the circulation. The concrete architecture with composite elements of wood layer and round arc titanium iron soften the liner rules and create a sense of coordination of conflict.
In general, combining the materials of large part of Titanium steel plate, architectural concrete wall and solid wood flooring brings out the changeable light shadow as the coherence of material and area. The matt treatment increases the existence of the light when brining inside the side light. This is the mixture of natural and artificial light, which forms the unique of visual depth of field.
The agency applies the low key earth tones to show the value of the brand. Combination of the decoration and the good traffic flow increases the richness of the room. The design not only captures the visitors’ attention, but also creates transformation of spaces. It’s certainly unique and attractive in works of art.


 Raytext Fine Furnishings Co., Ltd.
 Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
 Kuo-Min Lee


Keng-Fu Lo is the managing director of the Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute. His firm was founded in 1997. He has won 120 international awards including the World Architecture Festival Award. He was also on the shortlist for the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors. His accolades include 8 German Design Awards, 6 American Architecture Prizes, 2 International Property Awards (U.K), Spark Design Awards, JCD Design Award, IDA Design Awards, and the IIDA Global Excellence Awards. His firm has successfully completed numerous projects including architecture and interior design for retail, office, residential, recreation centres and more. Keng-Fu Lo believes it is important to build connections between people and the environment, and strives for consistency in his designs, from architecture to the interior. He strives for a close relationship between the environment, architecture, space and people.

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