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Hills Aesthetic Experience Pavilion

gad·Line+ Studio

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gad·Line+ Studio
The site is located on the south of the Qian Tang river, facing the core area of the Hangzhou CBD across the river. On the east of the site is another developing city center, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. The project stands here connecting the magnificent river-view and the significant city landmarks, witnessing the changes of the urban development and integrating into the process of urbanization.

The building is arranged along the river landscape, rotating a small angle to face the two city landmarks, and lifting up to spreads out a better river-view, as the whole is like floating above the surface of the river. We endow the body blocks with continuous lines, upwards and mostly horizontally, to create a flowing form and structure. The architectural form of the flow, leaping and stacking echoes the spiritual characteristics of the river, sports and the era.

The entrance of the building embodies the spirit of the place. Through the suitable height differences and road system planning of pedestrian system separated from vehicle system, the walking experience of entrance becomes safe, smooth and ideal. The elevation of space responds to the independence spirit of the place, and the long and narrow path implies the sense of mystery.

The combination of various functions will produce wonderful interaction. The art exhibition provides a topic for the city. The flower and coffee bar create a social leisure place for visitors. The project treats the state of visitors' moving or staying with more delicate consideration, forming a appropriate arrangement a dynamic and static space.

The style and arrangement of the furniture in the project, we strive to create the whole sense of space and at the same time to achieve the effect of varying sceneries with changing view-points. The escalator is added to the project to provide the possibility of efficient browsing.

The window size is another focus of this project. Large glass windows are designed to creates an overall sense of penetration and the feeling of the dome in the interior. The leap lines of the window frames coincide with the active appearance of the architecture. The solid columns firmly grasp the ground, forming a contrast of heavy and light with floating architectural body.

In the jungles of the city, the buildings are growing up and gone. As time goes on, many spaces are forgotten. The emptiness after the banquet is what architects may face. We want to improve the durability and usability of the buildings, seeking the ideal space for the city. This project is a attempt to design the high quality urban public space. We adhere to the way of combining practice with research, determined to improve the design added value with professionalism, and share the value of the design to everyone.


 3642.6 mq
 Zhang Wei, Meng Fanhao
 Zhang Hongliang, He Yaliang
 Fan Yi, Huang Jinrong


gad·Line+ Studio is an innovative design studio. In the idea of Line+, design is not isolated but more should be understood as a diverse and individualized organic life. Line+ aims at breaking the boundary of traditional building industry. Footing on architecture design, we expect to achieve the boundaryless integration of urban planning, architecture design, interior design, product design, landscape design and project operation. We look forward to share the value of design with our partners.

From the creation of urban space to the revitalization of the rural civilization, we always thought critically and followed the regional cultural context, hoping to respond to contemporary culture and show its diverse content in our works. Line+ mainly works on urban public space, cultural tourism, high-end human settlement and rural rejuvenation projects. We dig into the potential value of the business logic, and strive to become a ferry man between culture and business.

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