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Progetto CMR
The masterplan by Progetto CMR envisions a new way of conceiving the “Big Data” industrial zone, mixing the strength of the high-tech and IT with a full range of facilities, creating a self-sufficient district. The intent of the design is to build an advanced community, ready to accept and to win the challenges of the new era of the Information Technology, while being entirely focused on the Man, true protagonist of the project.

The project thus includes an area dedicated to office and Big Data production, integrated by SOHO apartments, commercial and retail area, schools, a luxury hotel and other facilities to improve the life of the people who will live there, on a total area of 260,000 sqm. The project is equally dominated by large green areas, parks, lakes and gardens, mostly located in the heart of the area, enhancing the livability of the district and the well-being of its users.

The masterplan of the Xiantao Big Data Valley, now under construction, arises from the strong intention of the Client to see its core business, the big data, shaped into buildings, passing from purely abstract entity to a solid and touchable reality. This is particularly visible in the landmark of the project, the three-building complex that stands for the three core basis of data processing - Storage, Sensing, Data Mining – and which will be the main office complex of the project area. A simple and neat shape characterizes the three pillars, whose glass façade further reinforces the contemporary feeling of the complex, a thin and transparent wall between the real and the virtual world that is in the towers. The three buildings are symbolically united at the top by a circular structure, which works as exhibition space where visitors can enjoy a powerful view on the surrounding area at a 100m height, while immersed in a space that recalls the constant and unstoppable flux of data.

The same visual experience, although through different ways of expression, is also offered by the SOHO and the Office loft complexes. The five SOHO buildings, located just on the side of the landmark complex, have five different heights, a harmonious crescendo that ends in the three-tower complex, a series of twisted and rounded shapes, dressed with glass, that give movement to the whole project. The office loft area lies at the front of the SOHO and it counts 6 buildings designed as rigid sculptures, with facades that are cut out in different angles, as the buildings were completing each other.

Contrasting with the rationality and vigor of the close buildings, the 5-star hotel is designed as a smaller and more intimate element, shaped according to the natural slopes of the land where it is located. The hotel has been designed following the natural curves of the ground on which it is placed, resulting in a wave-shaped building that embraces the park and the lake ahead, closing the hotel and further isolating it from the vibrant life that flows outside.
A new generation of IT parks, this is what this project was chosen to give its contribution to.


 Xiantao Big Data Valley Corp.
 700.000 mq
 Progetto CMR
 Massimo Roj, Massimo Bagnasco, Patrizio Tonini, Chunyang Liu, Xu Zhao, Jing Zhang
 Mcc5 Group Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd.
 Exterior material Steel ( ANSTEEL,BAOSTEEL),Aluminum profiles (Samsung, AAG); Aluminum plate(Xing Long Tai, ALUTILE), Low-e hollow toughened glass (TGI, CSG, Xinyi, yaopi); Granite stone (universal, Conley, Dong Cheng); Weather sealant (Baiyun, Zhijiang, Gui Bao); Interior decoration materials : Gypsum board (Taishan, dragon card, card); Latex paint (Nippon, Dulux, Huarun), Tiles (Marco Polo, champion, Nobel); The wooden floor (Del, nature, Dekor); Sanitary ware (ToTo, Kohler, American Standard); Electrical appliances (NVC, Simon, Panasonic); Gypsum board (Taishan, dragon card, card); Latex paint (Nippon, Dulux, Huarun) Tiles (Marco Polo, champion, Nobel); The wooden floor (Del, nature, Dekor); Sanitary ware (ToTo, Kohler, American Standard); Electrical appliances (NVC, Simon, Panasonic)
 ProgettoCMR & CMCU Engineering Co.,ltd


Progetto CMR is one of the largest Italian integrated design practices, established in 1994 in Milan by arch. Massimo Roj, with offices in 13 cities around the world. The team, made of more than 130 international professionals, specializes in Space Planning, Interior and Building Design, Urban Planning and Industrial design.
“Less Ego More Eco”, less personal interests and more shared goals, is the practice design philosophy, as well as the title of Massimo Roj’s latest publication on sustainability, published in Italy and in China. Amongst the most recent projects in Italy: the new HQs of UnipolSai, ING Direct, Adidas and Generali Group in Milan, a new multi-function area for Ferrari in Maranello. Abroad, the firm is involved in several urban-scale projects, all under construction: the China-EU Future City in Shenzhen, Xiantao Big Data Valley in Chongqing and an eco-sustainable village in Manjiangwan. Since 2010, Progetto CMR is listed among the top 100 design practices worldwide.

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