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Zgoda FC, Warsaw


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Nike Poland has invited e45 to design a concept store for a multi brand shop that a retailer wanted to open as a “Football Temple” format in the city center of Warsaw. The design team was provided with guidelines and samples of similar project already realized elsewhere in Europe.
The initial idea of e45 was to deconstruct a football pitch in its basic components like the goal mesh and the field texture and recombine it into furniture elements and flooring system.
The retailer chooses then as name of the store “Zgoda FC”, after the street name of the location and the meaning of the polish word, “zgoda” means “agreement”, something the keep people together. Basically a place where people can meet and share its passion, maybe in the try-out cage, a special box where customers can wear the shoes and test it, before buying it.
The store is spread over two level. The ground floor is mainly for footwear and training apparel, with the try-out cage for tests. The staircase is the “Hall Of Fame” where memorabilia of polish players and clubs are exposed.
A resin floor has been colored in shapes of green, like an art deco painting of Tamara de Lempicka. The shelves recalls the football net. The ceiling has been kept dark to highlight the products and the light strips that decorate the ambient.
The staircase is the "hall of fame" where memorabilia of polish footballer will be collected and shown to the people getting up to the next levels. This can be versatile and redesigned according the variety of items to be shown, with modular shelves that can be easily moved.
On the first floor there’s a large personalization area, a lifestyle clothing area with fitting rooms and a team sport room for club branded equipment. This is the spot of presentations and video games consolle for enthusiasts.
Since the opening event the store is very successful, due to the very good job done by the owners and the excellent design.
What makes this store unique is the creation of a spot for football enthusiasts in the polish capital, where people can also meet to watch major football games of European Leagues or participate at events and presentations or technical trainings on materials or products.
The great success of the store just after the kick starting event is the best testimonial of the great job the design team has done, along of the accurate advertising done by the owner, who posted videos and pictures on social networks.


 Zgoda FC
 350 mq
 Bruno, De Rivo, Luca Mazzeo, Erica Cazzaniga, Marina Borra
 CMS Interiors Poland


In over 20 Years of activities on the both Partners of e45, Pietro Morandi and Bruno De Rivo, has worked for many multinational corporations of the likes of Google, Cisco, Apple, HP, Nielsen, WPP, Pitney Bowes, Biogen and Novartis.
Bruno De Rivo has distinguished itself among competitors for its high valuable design attitude, customized on the client’s culture and expectation, applying the deep knowledge of the Corporate culture for making large projects its distinctive label.
Our practice consists of 10 professionals who can cover every kind of project and every size with the aim of balancing a cost-effective result.
Our professionals has a high reputation of creating quality work spaces and retail environments, turning the “Italian style” into interior design, starting from a rigorous understanding of Corporate requirements and of their relationship with the selected buildings.


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