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Cotefa s.r.l.
A 50,000-square meter mall thought as an architectural Grand Tour of the “Bel Paese”, a fully Italian universe entirely dedicated to shopping for the design and decor. CREATIVO Design Space is located in Wuqing between Beijing and Tianjin, a few kilometres from Florentia Village, historically dedicated to fashion.
CREATIVO opened last September and is thought of as a design capital, with views of Milan – there is the Tower of Filarete, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, a few streets of Brera, the Palazzo della Ragione and the arch of Porta Garibaldi – of Rome and Florence.

CREATIVO offers retail shops, showrooms and creative spaces, gourmet restaurants, bistros, cafes and even a museum that traces the history of the design of the last century. The business premises, of which floor space can vary between 300 and 700 square meters per unit, are set around the boulevard and the squares that evoke the main cities of Italian architecture. From tiles to marble mosaics, from the large streets and the wide stairs to street furniture and fittings, each element is designed to faithfully reproduce the Italian genius.

Waitex and the origin of CREATIVO
CREATIVO was commissioned by the multinational group Waitex and was designed by Enzo Ragni, engineer, founder in 1974 of Cotefa.ingegneri&architetti located in Brescia, who died in 2014 after a specialization over the years in Italy and abroad in the integrated design and project management of large retail outlets, with more than 60 shopping centres to its name in the world.

CREATIVO was his last creation and it is full of Italian identity and knowledge also thanks to Cotefa.ingegneri&architetti and its team, which developed the project.
As stated by Enzo Ragni, “we have introduced classical elements of “European Western architecture” such as the balance of mass and space, the tactile quality of the flooring, the connection between different spaces - combining them with a principle dear to Chinese culture: the building structures made by men must be in harmonious relationship with nature without abusing it”.

The idea and the first draft of CREATIVO Design Space started from the will of Howard Li, founder and CEO of Waitex multinational group based in New York. The group, 30 years after its foundation, is a collection of 30 companies operating throughout the whole world, with over 2,000 employees, including Waitex China Retail.
In 2011, Howard Li opened the first Fashion Outlet in China with Italian and international brands of luxury and fashion: it is the Florentia Village inspired by the architecture of Florence, Rome and Venice; an iconic mall which has quickly become a place of worship for the Italian style enthusiasts.
The cooperation between Italy and China expanded in 2012 as a result of the innovative design of the new shopping village dedicated to design, CREATIVO Design Space, created thanks to the collaboration between the Waitex group and Cotefa. The synergy between the two companies led to the creation of the first “Life Style Center” dedicated to shopping and to the culture of Italian and European design.

For Waitex, through the architect Giovanni Bolignano, Project Director, and Diego Goti, Leasing Director, CREATIVO is the result of a specific strategic choice and of practical need. Bolignano explains: "China's urban pressure is remarkable, therefore the need for places where one can live a city experience that goes beyond the daily routine is deeply felt. In fact, about 30% of visitors do not go to our mall only with the intention of shopping for items or furniture, but they also want to enjoy a different environment, live a perfect city, do a one-day journey through time. The Waitex vision developed by Cotefa expresses this social phenomenon, conceiving these places as unique urban environments, making shopping a real journey. "

CREATIVO is located a few kilometers from Florentia Village in order to offer the public a comprehensive journey in the world of shopping. Diego Goti comments on the unusual positioning, all about design: " the furniture market and furniture accessories market in China are experiencing a golden period with double-digit growth trend in recent years, the Chinese customers are currently among the most important consumers of luxury products in the world, and they are extending their interest to household supplies. It is, therefore, essential to propose a universe that is entirely devoted to this sector, and that can offer the world's main brands”.

Museum and center of creative production

CREATIVO wants to bring out and transfer to visitors the culture, the tradition and also the love and the passion for the design of everyday items. As a direct result of this philosophy and vision, inside CREATIVO there hopefully will be the 365 Icons Museum. Objects that have represented and marked the path of the industrial design of the last century and products that have become milestones and landmarks of the modern design will be on display inside the facility.
The CREATIVO Design Centre intends to enhance and to emphasize once again the free spirit that permeates the vision of the mall, and aims to provide clients with professional consulting services both in interior design and in the field of decoration. Customers, in fact, can make use of well-known designers' advice as well as of local and international firms.

CREATIVO Design Centre is easily accessible both from Beijing and Tianjin thanks to an efficient high-speed rail link that allows people to get to the village in 20 minutes from Beijing and 10 minutes from Tianjin. Thanks to its strategic location, CREATIVO is easily reachable also by car, with an estimated travel time of 40 minutes from Beijing and 30 minutes from Tianjin.


 Wuqing - Tianjin
 Waitex corp.
 35.000 mq
 Enzo Ragni
 Cotefa s.r.l. Sara Ragni Andrea Casarino
 China Ocean Engineering Corporation
 CPP Tianjiin Design Institute


Cotefa.ingegneri&Architetti is an architecture and engineering company located in Brescia and Pavia, specialized in integrated design and project management, created with the objective of offering advanced services in many sectors: planning, engineering, construction management, construction safety, budgeting and work accounting, urban planning and financial feasibility studies, and legal engineering.
Cotefa was founded in 1974 by Mr. Enzo Ragni, engineer, and since then has carried out more than 60 shopping centres in Italy and worldwide, shops and hypermarkets, but also residential housing, industrial and hotel facilities, offices and business centres, sports facilities, hospital constructions and renovation and refurbishment works.
Since March 2016, Cotefa has taken on a new challenge and began to work in the UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi, starting an active collaboration with Alyasat Engineering Consultancy.

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