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luis vidal + architects

Eloy Gonzalo 10. A ground-breaking retrofit in the area

Eloy Gonzalo 10, is a 12.165 m2 building with 6 floors of office space, ground floor with retail and 3 floors below ground for parking with 136 garage spaces. It has been purchased recently by GMP
Located in the Chamberí neighbourhood, in the heart of Madrid, the project has transformed the image of the building, serving as the façade while improving the thermal and acoustic impact on the surroundings of the property. Subsequently to the renovation, the use of natural light has been maximized, making a positively affecting on the end users, which has always been the intended goal of luis vidal + architects’ projects.
Although its very good location, in the middle of historic quarter Chamberí, it offers two big challenges: the image is totally outdated and the current façade does not allow almost any natural light inside. To this, we may add a new level of complication, the owner desired the commercial space to be in the market for lease just 3 months after the purchase.

To address the above-mentioned difficulties, luis vidal + architects faced this project from three sides: An analysis of the floorplan in order to set up a module which improved its functionality; the study of alternatives for a “more open” façade and a strategy for planning permission which allowed that all the works were viable in the time available.

The adequacy of the building facades, becomes the center of the project in order to:
- improve lighting and interior comfort conditions of the office and commercial plants, seeking greater natural lighting for users along with the incorporation of sun protection on its east façade to avoid glare.
- improve the overall energy performance of the building and thus improving the consumption and well-being of its final users
- favor the modernization of the building obtaining a more updated image and thus substantially improving the integration in its neighborhood

The new façade is structured around metallic “shelves” in front of the slabs, lacquered in prismatic paint, and big pane glass components, which go from floor to ceiling. With the combination of both, the image changes radically, the system is adapted to the current regulations (thermal and acoustic) and the penetration of natural light improves dramatically. An efficient study design that not only delivers substantial energy savings but also provides greater levels of comfort and optimal wellbeing for occupants and users.

Thanks to the modulation of the whole project (internal spaces and façade), the office spaces can be partitioned in a logic way and by using standard elements.

The construction works have been carefully planned in two phases, with two planning applications running in parallel, to allow the building to be in the market in record time. The replacement of the outer skin of the façade can be done with the tenants in place. There has also been work done on the change of image of the ground floor Hall and its outside.

Designed with environmental responsibility at the fore, the building has already achieved a Gold LEED Certification and has received the Best Rehabilitation 2016 award from the Spanish Offices Association (AEO).

The end result following the renovation process is an iconic building in the centre of Madrid; a new landmark in the capital’s architectural heritage and symbol of its urban and economic regeneration.


 luis vidal + architects
 Andoni Arrizabalaga - María Astiaso - Marta Cumellas - Carlos González - Jugatx López Amurrio - Carlos Peña - Irene Rojo de las Heras - Gentaro Shimada - Javier Torrado - Oscar Torrejón - Luis Vidal
 IOHL, In-plania, Eurosca, Monopol, Bovis, Arup


Luis Vidal founded luis vidal + architects (LVA) in 2004. In addition to an architecture studio is a space for creation, development and dialogue in which an international workforce of architects coexists with a strong background and experience in diverse disciplines and scales (planning, building and industrial design). A creative practice with offices in Spain, UK, US, Japan, Chile, and Dominican Republic. In a short period of time, the studio has developed a consistent trajectory expressed in more than 150 projects, and is internationally recognized for its expertise in large scale complex building as airport and hospital designs. Regardless of the scale, all projects in the studio’s portfolio are born with the same DNA that defines luis vidal + architects: a social, economic and environmental commitment.

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