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YEAR: 2017 (unbuilt)

This project is not yet under construction but its intention is to create an attractive working space and commercial centre that inspires productivity and business on a developing area in the City of Puebla, Mexico. In order to realize a commercial and office building which interacts with the city, the facade is mainly composed of glass.

The tower was designed to enrich the quality of the typical office space, another of the objectives of the design is to convey innovation  and elegance with planes of inclined facades and curved corners.

The curvilinear plane of the facade formed by rectangular modules was designed with respect to the perception that a person has from the street. It is scaled, articulated and refined to reflect its importance, because of this, the selected materials respond to a palette of neutral colors and delicate organic shapes made with a laminated skin and white crystal.

The office tower has a height of 71.30 meters with its translucent facade, promotes views of the site and allows natural  lighting to work comfortably. The Tower has an underground parking garage  with capacity for 180 cars and where the machine room is also located. The lower level of the complex consist of retail spaces, while the upper levels are offices.

On the other hand, the laminated leather works as an attractive commercial area in the ground floor that has different types of retail  spaces being eight small of 60 square meters, four intermediates of 128 square meters and one of 680 square meters for  an anchor store, these spaces could be used for restaurants, grocery stores and apparel stores. On the ground floor apart from the commercial premises has a parking for sixty cars and a lobby with double height with 3 elevators that gives access to the building that consists of eleven floors each one with four offices and a large reception hall and two bathrooms one for men and one for women. The offices have different sizes that adapt to the needs of each client ranging from 78 to 138 square meters each one. On each floor there are two terraces offering a good view of the city to the owners or guests.

The tower centre stands as a prominent and identifying feature in the business, and social landscape of Puebla. The modern infrastructure and interior design immediately projects an impressive image, ideal for business.


 6074 mq
 Fernando Valdez
 MG Valdez


Fernando Valdez is a Mexican architect, founded the architecture office MG Valdez Arquitectos about five years ago, the office is located in the city of Puebla, Mexico. The office is dedicated to both the design of architectural projects and the construction of them. Ranging from residential projects to commercial projects and offices. The objective of the company is to create architecture attached to the human, as well as to give new life and idea to the projects that are presented, respecting the history and importance of Mexican architecture.

The projects are designed to meet the needs of each client with spacious and profitable spaces, using technology, contemporary materials and innovative construction systems.

MG Valdez wants to grow as a leading construction and design company in Mexico, constantly evolving to offer the best quality and cost in design and construction.

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