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Antepe Construction and Trade

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Antepe Construction and Trade
The contest covers an area of 35.33 hectares in the city center. Türkbeleni Recreation Area is at a distance of 75 km from the city of Antalya. Although Türkbeleni served as the lungs of the city until 2013, it turned into an empty space left in the middle of urban in the wake of a fire. This semantic transformation necessitated the integration of Türkbeleni with the city.
Within the framework of the project, the relationship between the city and Türkbeleni ecology corridor was addressed in the light of the natural data. Accordingly, Türkbeleni has been considered a nature and recreation corridor and diversity of activities has been ensured, regarding the city covering a shoreline of variable width along the river. The plants characterized with Türkbeleni will be protected by bringing the under control inside pots that will be prepared such to remain immune in terms of design. The nature and recreation corridor, on the hand, enables transition between the usages under urban influence and the foregoing ecology corridor. The nature and recreation corridor involves passive-centered open area designs coherent with the green space and park usages in real term, and keeping the structural aspect at the minimum level, which are mostly projected to be used as recreatively as part of daily lives, for the satisfaction of open space and green space requirement across the city. The activity corridor under urban influence includes more structural adjustments that involve thematic area designs that can be used not only in the urban sense, but also at the international and national levels. Functional construction of the project site has been developed completely by taking into account the relationship between the natural structure and the city.
The structures are constructed in association with whichever principal element(s) is/are available as organizing the open spaces in their immediate surroundings on the spots they are positioned. The construction involves a youth center, an administrative building, restaurants and cafés, and amphitheaters. The structures contribute to achieving a harmonious environment in climatic, spatial and functional terms, thanks to their mass formations, openings, material selections and surroundings, in addition to the GROUND, WALL and TOPOGRAPHY continuity they have spatially established with their environments.
Two significant problems appear before us while analyzing the data collected on the project site: Soil structure deformation and erosion. These two factors have been determinative in the selection of plants. Local, maintenance-free and easily-growing species have been preferred, however, land reclamation will also be carried out. With regard to vegetative design, vegetative patterns will intensify as we move from top elevations towards the pond area and the plant variety will also increase. The target is to protect the site against potential physical impacts by restricting the area with the help of a dense tree texture created by merging broad-leaved trees and coniferous trees. Variety has been achieved by adding climate-compatible species to the frequently-seen tree species in the region. The developed flora will not only provide shelters and breeding grounds for numerous animals, the migratory birds in particular, but also enrich the area with respect to fauna.


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Our company,in which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has 96% share,was established on 12.07.1991 and has a capital of TRY 14 Million. To offer visualization,presentation and animation services, in addition to architecture and engineering application services,at every level of the designing process,from concept design to project management,to provide consultancy service about strategic and urban planning,urban transformation,cultural-sociocultural,institutional transformation projects;to receive consultancy service;to finance;to develop projects,to conduct studies on subjects like any kind of data collection,survey,research,assessment and consultancy, to be utilized in the course of urban development and planning of reconstruction works,to establish and operate the facilities required for the purpose of any construction and contracting,construction works and manufacturing,both at home and abroad,to build and operate Asphalt Production Facilities in order to produce and market asphalt.


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