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“Nave” Leisure system

Estudio Cabeza

Industrial Design  /  Completed
Estudio Cabeza
“Nave” Leisure system: bench, table, seat and chaise longue

Design inspired and born in “La Nave” beach house

The “Nave” leisure system arose from the need to celebrate the ritual of encounter on a deck of a house overlooking the sea.

It was designed as a result of observing the laminated curved wood beams of the roof structure of the house.
Thus, these ribs that supported the roof served as inspiration to intervene this raw material, reusing it in slices to create a body container.

The “Nave leisure system” has strips of wood with spaces between them so that when the sun shines on them, shadows are filtered on the deck, intensifying the illusion of summertime and attenuating the heat of the bodies with the sea breeze.

Hosting the bodies like an oyster shell, offering relax and the meeting of gazes, provoking encounter and dialogue are all attributes of this set.

The “Nave” leisure system involves uses more than functions, it suggests choreographies in order to answer to rituals, it provokes or promotes free appropriation.

The “Nave” system is a family of different elements that all together and in different configurations create a “sense of place” conferring the users a space of leisure and chill out.

The “Nave” leisure system is composed of a long bench with backrest, a long table that works as well as a bench without backrest, an individual bench or seat with backrest and a chaise longue.

As all the set has dismountable legs, it is easy (as the sketches show) to use the seats and chaise longue in a free way without legs, over different surfaces such as lawn or sand in a more casual way.

Dismountable legs also contributes towards easy storage, freight and delivery.

A new element the “Nave Nido” or “Nave Nest” is under development. It is a big wooden shell that is melted in the topography of the dunes, diluted in the landscape of the site, expressing our research of “non-object culture”.

Laminated “eucaliptus grandi” wood with adhesive and special finish for outdoors.
Stainless steel legs with end tips in white polyamide.


Bench: 260cm x 80cm x 77cm
Table: 260cm x 54cm x 32cm
Seat: 80cm x 77cm x 77cm
Chaise longue: 80cm x 128cm x 77cm
Seat height average 0.40m

Diana Cabeza, 2014/2015

Development team:
Martín Wolfson, Diego Jarczak, Ignacio Dávola, Michael Jensen.

Production and commercialization:
Estudio Cabeza Urban Elements. Buenos Aires, Argentina


 Buenos Aires
 3.8 mq
 Diana Cabeza
 Martín Wolfson, Diego Jarczak, Ignacio Dávola, Michael Jensen
 Production and commercialization: Estudio Cabeza, Urban Elements. Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Daniel Lecuna
 Daniel Lecuna
 Gustavo Sosa Pinilla


Diana Cabeza
Principal designer of Estudio Cabeza Urban Elements for public spaces.
Argentinian architect also graduated with honours in Fine Arts, with focus on the design and development of urban furniture and social supports for the public realm.
Research oriented on the possibilities of sites, uses, landscape appropriation, her designs have been published and awarded both in the national and international media.
Diana Cabeza urban elements are part of relevant projects carried out in New York, Washington DC, Zurich, Paris and in emblematic public spaces of Tokyo, designing oasis for social encounters.
Her recent project of note is the design of the bus shelters for the Metrobus Transport System and the Urban Furniture and Signage System for the city of Buenos Aires.
The following authours have written about her work: Enrico Morteo, Crisitina Morozzi, Marco Romanelli, Italy; Josep Ma Montaner, Zaida Muxí, July Capella, Spain, Carolina Muzi, Jimena Martignoni, Argentina.


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