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The construction of 9 housing units in Seyssins (Grenoble) is part of the urban project of Pré Nouvel, a hilly landscape bordered by the Comboire forest, along a mountain river, the Galettes.
This urban project is developing 450 housings during the last decade, around a new park.
This landscape is connected to Alpes mountains with exceptionnal of the Mont Blanc.
The impact of the different views of the landscape was the main deal to qualifie each housing.
The inscription of the difference categories of housings is related to the particular topography and orientation of each situation.
On the edge of the park created around the river, the 9 houses are developed on an artificial hillock.
The inscription of this building adapts precisely to this topography informing the typological organization : two series of 4- unit dwellings on one level and 5-unit duplex dwellings fit into the slope with enclosed private parking for residents.
The access of the building is possible from the street in the West and directly from the park in the East.
A community garden is developed on the West of the terrain. Privates gardens are developing on the East.
On the top, these mountainous retreat dwellings are developed from east to west around a central patio receiving three orientations: East, South, and West .
The facades are entirely glazed and open onto vast terraces to the east and to the west. The exceptional qualities of the housing plan offer natural light during all the day long.
The inverted duplex units below distribute from an open corridor. Each condominium's volume thrives around a glassed-in patio, creating continuous natural light throughout the entire day, offering extensions of large terraces and private gardens.
The structure combines three materials : the glass for the East and West facades, the stone for the North and South facades, and the « corian » surface for the roofing and cladding. The combination of the "rough" material as the stone , and the tension of the "Corian material" more specifically smooth qualifie the implantation of this building.
A parking lot is integrated in the structure of the building with a private connection for several housings.
The structure of the building is in concrete.
All the non accessible terrasses receive a special treatment by revegetation.
The tectonic inscription of this building is resonating with the large mountain landscape that circumscribes this exceptional site.


 1250 mq
 jean pierre pranlas-descours
 PDAA office
 Antoine Guilhem-Ducléon


Jean-Pierre Pranlas-Descours is an architect, urban-planner, and professor at the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture with a Masters in Architecture and History.
He received the prestigious Rome prize in Architecture from the French Academy in Rome (Italy).
He has realized distinguished publics buildings, housing, interior designs, and won international urban compétitions in Spain, France and Iceland. He won at the first rank the extension of downtown Reykjavik, Vatnsmryri International competition (2008) and the project for EL PRAT de LLOBREGAT (Barcelona) (2009).
He receive in 2011 the Robert Auzelle Prize for the Bottière Chenaie Urban Design, Nantes.
In 2012 Pranlas-Descours received the honor medaille of the French Academy of Architecture (Paris).
A monograph
PRANLAS-DESCOURS, ARCHITECTURE- SITUATIONS with an introduction by Kenneth Frampton was published in 2011 along with an exhibit in Paris, and in Berlin, and Ulm,(2012).

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