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Barge Bouza Arquitectura

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Barge Bouza Arquitectura
HOUSE "The Pearl " San Cibrao, Lugo, Spain.

It is the rehabilitation of a detached house situated on the edge of the beach of "A Caosa" in San Cibrao (Lugo), in a chaotic and unequal place. We found a very definite front two-storey houses and attic, which overlook the sea and the coastal profile provide continuity between the two beaches right side of the peninsula, and with buildings of varying heights buildings. Ranging from to Small houses until five-story housings between them on the opposite margin. It therefore we seeks the inclusion of housing in the native landscape of sailors home. Contextualized in our age with the recent era buildings surrounding it and in our opinion that do not respond to the environment in which they are located.

The house was in a state to the brink of ruin, the inside destroyed by a fire and the only element to preserve were the masonry walls. We performed a interior emptying, coating the facade due to its poor condition and a visible bulge in the main facade of old .

The project has been decided bearing in mind its location and its nature as backdrop of the village, trying to be respectful with the fabric and typology of the old part of the town.

We sought the homogeneity of the outside volume, maintaining existing windows and choosing a material that integrate with the near housings. It performs with ventilated facade made of acrylic stone to absorb the bulges, we choose the white color tone that respects the traditional houses of the area and highlights only the windows, black aluminum carpenters, facing the sea on gray. This holes transmitte to the outside the moving of the interior section.

Inside we perform a void where the private areas are hung of beamed anchored in existing walls and generate a setback movement that allows light to enter from the deck while allowing overall perception of the original volume.

The aim thus is the fusion with the environment, a building that suits its scale in volume and height, thus resulting in small module joined to the preexisting wall to host the program and the function without breaking the volumetric configuration of the place.

The facade combines the use of two colors of acrylic stone, HI- MACS natural acrylic stone by LG Hausys, alpine white and grey sand, showing a clear symbiosis between them and with the surrounding houses forming smooth and continuous cloths that complete the composition.


 210 mq


Founded in 2001, Barge Bouza architecture consists of two architects Santiago Barge Ferreiros and Mª Belén Bouza Cora.
They have been awarded with several international prizes like Honourable Mention International biennial Architecture Prize “Barbara Cappochin” 2013, FAD awards Architecture Prize 2013, the 3rd International Prize “Menhir” for European Union Architects 2003 and selected in international competition "44 young architects international" studies with work built of europe and america 2007.
And national prizes like selected XI Biennial of spanish architecture and planing 2011, 1st Prize COAG 2011 and Special Mention Prize COAG 2004.
Other awards worth pointing out are 1st prize national competition for the building of the Cultural and Ethnographics Center of Mandeo river A Coruña 2011, 2nd prize national competition for the building of a 50 units housing neighbourhood in Covadonga, Ourense 2006.


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