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House extension in Sèvres

Agnès&Agnès Architecture

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Agnès&Agnès Architecture
The project is located on the heights of Sèvres on a narrow lot at the corner of two streets in slope with a strong vertical drop : a lower street (rue des bois) on the west and a high street east (rue Cladel).
This location in a residential neighbourhood allows to enjoy a view of the whole city and especially on the classified pagoda, landmark building of the city, located below.

Originally built on the model of brick houses, the existing house had already been the subject of several successive layers of the work to finish with pink facades and dark blue windows.
The project challenge was to harmonize all, redistributing all parts of the house with specified spaces, by creating an additional floor for the parents and remodeling the garden and the fences.
The ground floor has been preserved and refurbished while the first floor was desmolished. Then we add a new first floor and a new second floor.

The spaces are thus distributed in the house : three levels are clearly identified.

The main access is on the intermediate level on the high street on the east side of the house (rue Cladel). The entrance is on a double height and serves on this floor the main living room consisting of a kitchen, a dining room and the huge living room. The garden is visible through the wooden siding thus preserving a certain privacy.
The lower level is dedicated to the children and is served by a preserved staircase. It is composed of two bedrooms and a bathroom and have a small south facing terrace and a direct access to the garden.
The new floor is served by a wooden staircase from the entrance of the intermediate floor. This staircase becomes on the second fllor, a wooden bench and a wooden railing. This floor is dedicated to the parents. It is composed of a master suite consisting of a bedroom, a bathroom, a shower, a toilet and a dressingroom. The bedroom has access to a terrace with a wooden pergola facing towards the pagoda just below. There is also on this floor an an office / guest room also benefiting from access to the terrace.
The imposing volumetry on this floor is the direct result of the work on the shape of the roof.

The materials emphasize the evolution of the existing to the new extension: the entire facade preserved was taken with a light gray mineral plaster, while new parts are covered by a larch cladding, contrasting with steel joinery black lacquer.
The volumetry of the roof is the consequence of important urban planning constraints.

At last, the garden has been remodeling on the basis of japanese garden and the fences modified with larch cladding to harmonized the whole project.


 147 mq
 Agnès&Agnès Architecture
 Agnès Chryssostalis-Agnès Guillemin-Riham Elgamal
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Agnès Guillemin and Agnès Chryssostalis share the same name and the same formation
They discover complementary, sharing the same sensitivity that forges their duo.
After school, they continue their journey in Parisian offices, separately this time: a practical apprenticeship in teamwork, an economic and programmatic synthesis of the projects on which they work. But the envy has just developed a vocabulary of its own.
A choice that led them to create in 2005 their own workshop.
Design “from the inside out”, use by touches of color, sensitivity for the interiority and vision of any “object” as a small architecture - they
also create a furniture design unit.
Gradually the agency turns to public place and then the public commands: the contact with different contractors develops their capacity to adapt to a wide range of demands and budgets.

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