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Hideo Yasui+AIT

House  /  Completed
Hideo Yasui+AIT
There is a site in Tokyo in an overcrowded great city. Housing is built in the minimal land where the house next door is in the crowd uptown in the typical Japanese city where I approach in the neighborhood. When opening the window, a wall next door towers, sees a mutual life and has not been reserved for privacy. Light is also intercepted by a neighbor and it isn't possible to secure it sufficiently. It's also poorly ventilated, dim, gloomy and rich in the lonely atmosphere.
It crowded and was built so that Japanese city dwelling might be represented by a row house from the old days. But a steady area community had the connection between the neighborhood with there, and existed. The life full of energy was carried on there. Since growing old today, the trend toward the nuclear family is developed, and the connection of the area fades and a community like former days doesn't exist.
Though it was in downtown during such ambient surroundings and time background, I thought about a possibility of the city housing as the residence to live appropriate for myself vividly.
Four laps are enclosed on a wall to run away from a building from the surrounding crowd. A wall will be a boundary line with a neighboring land, fence, the maximum size is utilized for a site because it serves both. Though a slit is opened and closes infinitely on a wall which faces the frontal road, I get in touch with ambient surroundings gently and reduce pressure to the neighborhood.
Circled space will be borderland of public space and private space on a wall.
It consists of a floor where 6 levels are different, and many gardens are produced to vary a small site. When connect on the stairs, the respective floors can tour, and are space which has many varieties like a cliff village in the Mediterranean Sea.
A garden different depending on rooms which face the respective floors is designed. A kitchen garden is designed by olive beyond an age of the tree for 100 years, the lavender which smells in a garden which faces the bathroom and floats and a roof with herb Sono bathed in sunlight fully in a garden which faces the living room, and living abundance is produced.
The space cut off from a city unites with nature by natural flash, breeze, air and planting by a wall.
I make them reduce an air conditioning energy consumption by uniting with a natural wind. Ko also contributes to decrease of the illumination energy by entering much.
Because the continuation is achieved by small housing for possible social realization, it has been begun.
This housing is the oasis which exists in the great city.


 157 mq
 Hideo Yasui
 Yasui Hideo Atelier


Aichi Institute of Technology Department of Architecture Professor

1958 Born in Shizuoka,moved to Gamagouri in Aichi afterwards
1981 Received architectual training at Aichi Institute of Technology
1981 Joined in Takamitsu Azuma Architecture Office
1985 Joined in Kitaoka Design Office
1986 Established Yasui Hideo Atelier
2012 Aichi Institute of Technology Department of Architecture Professor

JCD Design Award(JAPAN)
Nashop Lighting Contest(JAPAN)
IALD International Lighting Designers Contest(U.S.A.)
IIDA North American Lighting Society Award(U.S.A.)
Design Selection by Asahi Glass,Co.,Ltd(JAPAN)
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