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This project was built in 2015 in the ex Hacienda Xahuentla in Atlixco. Is a town located southwest of the city of Puebla, México. It is known for its good climate and the great floristic, commercial and tourist activity.

The house was designed by a mexican architect it has 568 square meters and was built in eight months, this holiday home provides a variety of comfortable spaces to  the owner and its guests. Each one of the house spaces, has  been created with the intention to offer relaxation and luxury under  a meticulous selection of contemporary Mexican elements.The house has two levels and has as a priority architectural solutions such as large and functional spaces. In the organization of spaces the different functions were gathered as social area and services on the ground floor and intimate rooms on the top floor.
The facade of the residence is composed of apparent bricks, decorative mosaic and a large window covered by vertical aluminum profiles that gives  amplitude and personality to the facade, giving a perfect contrast between these elements or materials. On the side  of the house  it has a wooden deck that makes contrast with the rest of the elements used in the facade. Because of this, the main materials of the facade are artisanal local tiles and apparent handmade  bricks combined with intense colors and regional vegetation. On the other hand, the interior materials promote a template environment useful to deal with the high temperatures of the site.
In the lower level the house has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a guest bedroom with  bathroom, an utility room, a laundry room and a garage. The garage accommodate two vehicles with room to spare. In the backyard there is a large terrace which provides a space to be enjoyed by family and friends with a swimming pool. A staircase with a modern design that combines different materials such as metal and wood that leads you to the upper level which has a TV room, a personal gym and three bedrooms, the master and two more for family or guests each one with its own bathroom.
Creating a contemporary contrast, between Mexican roots and comfort, is the main strategy to obtain the particular design of this dwelling. Some patterns were selected to create eclectic environments inspired in Mexican icons such as flowers (tiles), skulls (interior wallpapers) and colorful mural in the terrace made by a local artist.  


 568 mq
 Fernando Valdez
 MG Valdez


Fernando Valdez is a Mexican architect, founded the architecture office MG Valdez Arquitectos about five years ago, the office is located in the city of Puebla, Mexico. The office is dedicated to both the design of architectural projects and the construction of them. Ranging from residential projects to commercial projects and offices. The objective of the company is to create architecture attached to the human, as well as to give new life and idea to the projects that are presented, respecting the history and importance of Mexican architecture.

The projects are designed to meet the needs of each client with spacious and profitable spaces, using technology, contemporary materials and innovative construction systems.

MG Valdez wants to grow as a leading construction and design company in Mexico, constantly evolving to offer the best quality and cost in design and construction.

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