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Barge Bouza Arquitectura

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Barge Bouza Arquitectura
“LLALLAS E TAGUIN” RESTAURANT, Xinzo de Limia, Ourense, Spain.

We are commissioned to build a restaurant on the ground floor of a residential building located in the old town of Xinzo de Limia, Ourense. Due to its location next to the church it is a matter of undertaking the project being respectful of the place and favoring the coexistence between the intervention and the existing constructions.
The project has been decided bearing in mind its location and its nature as backdrop of the church. The partition of the different uses, tries to be respectful with the building fabric and typology of the old part of the town.
We seek to blur the boundaries in both walls and ceilings; Exteriorly opening large voids that extend the interior to the exterior where different visuals of the church are framed. Inwardly, it is sought to fade the contour through the use of a false ceiling that continues the strategy followed in the façade of the building, also made by our study, extending in the interior the exterior wooden lamas seeking to give continuity to the premises and blur the height with voids and fillers that are distributed throughout the enclosure, responding in turn to the technical needs of the facilities.
As for the distribution in plant, we chose to sectorize the uses in different areas, appetizer, cafeteria and restaurant, joined by an "L" shaped bar that leads to the kitchen open to the restaurant area, allowing its inner vision. The restaurant, in the rear area, is designed with sets of lights at different heights that translate to the walls creating a pattern of trees that endow the space a more intimate character.
The combination of materials such as stone and wood responds to a work of contextualization, incorporating traditional materials without renouncing the current language, emphasizing and continuing the use of stone and wood of the exterior volume.
In turn, we have designed the furniture that has been handcrafted by a carpenter of the area, following a common line for each area, keeping as base the beech wood and simplicity of shapes.
The building is designed with white stone on walls and gray stones on floors. The contrast occurs using slats of ayus wood on the ceiling looking for clear references to the traditional constructions.
The exterior in turn is made with carpentry of cedar wood that resolves the blind cloths in turn, entering in contrast with the facade of the building on the upper floors.


 358 mq


Founded in 2001, Barge Bouza architecture consists of two architects Santiago Barge Ferreiros and Mª Belén Bouza Cora.
They have been awarded with several international prizes like Honourable Mention International biennial Architecture Prize “Barbara Cappochin” 2013, FAD awards Architecture Prize 2013, the 3rd International Prize “Menhir” for European Union Architects 2003 and selected in international competition "44 young architects international" studies with work built of europe and america 2007.
And national prizes like selected XI Biennial of spanish architecture and planing 2011, 1st Prize COAG 2011 and Special Mention Prize COAG 2004.
Other awards worth pointing out are 1st prize national competition for the building of the Cultural and Ethnographics Center of Mandeo river A Coruña 2011, 2nd prize national competition for the building of a 50 units housing neighbourhood in Covadonga, Ourense 2006.


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