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Located in the city of Vigo (Galicia, Spain) the new Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital provides healthcare services in all medical and surgical specialities to more than 600,000 residents of this city and its area of influence.

Designed to serve as the main focus for the health infrastructure of the province, creating a node of knowledge, innovation and health study. The architectural design solves the challenge of merging two existing public infrastructures into a new public-private building, a concession model in which public health management is private and non-health related.

Being one of the largest hospitals in Europe and one of the most technologically advanced medical centres in the world, the project meets all optimal criteria for flexibility and modularity, aimed at a state-of-the-art building of its characteristics. This is evidenced by the fact that this hospital is the first to receive a BREEAM certification, and furthermore, it will be used as the benchmark case for all future BREEAM Hospitals.

The building is situated on a hillside just outside the city of Vigo and takes advantage of the slope to gain a position of privilege in the field, integrated into the landscape. This new public hospital blends with its natural surroundings, terracing the volumes and adapting them to the slope on which it rests. The six hospitalization towers stand out above the green roofs, which cover the outpatient’s area, with a geometrical design that opens up to the landscape.

The Volume of the project is a response to the constraints of the site, fragmenting the building into 3 distinct areas; outpatient, technical area and inpatient. All of them articulated through a central spine, a true horizontal and vertical circulation artery, providing intuitive wayfinding and natural distress to patients. Prismatic Paint (a paint designed to change colour depending on the conditions of natural light and viewing angle) has been used for the first time ever in a building of this scale, mutating from white through green and then blue, in a further attempt to make the building fragment and integrate it into the natural surrounding landscape.

Intuitive way finding for patients to orient themselves, the correct use of natural light to provide quality spaces, the use of colour as well as careful studied acoustics, all contribute to making a friendlier stress free environment, helping reduce patient’s anxiety and hoping for a faster healing.

In the design of facilities, a strong emphasis was placed on energy savings with efficiency measures such as appropriate use of renewable energy, efficiency in the production of cold and heat, minimizing energy consumption and the responsible use of water, in addition to other criteria for reducing environmental impact.

The result is a building that stands out for its flexibility, functionality and performance; both socially and environmentally, the building serves patients and their relatives, medical and management staff with grace, whilst respecting its surroundings and optimising passive and active measures to minimise its impact.


 JV Novo Hospital de Vigo
 297234 mq
 luis vidal + architects / Vicente Fernández-Couto / Jacobo Rodríguez-Losada
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Luis Vidal founded luis vidal + architects (LVA) in 2004. In addition to an architecture studio is a space for creation, development and dialogue in which an international workforce of architects coexists with a strong background and experience in diverse disciplines and scales (planning, building and industrial design). A creative practice with offices in Spain, UK, US, Japan, Chile, and Dominican Republic. In a short period of time, the studio has developed a consistent trajectory expressed in more than 150 projects, and is internationally recognized for its expertise in large scale complex building as airport and hospital designs. Regardless of the scale, all projects in the studio’s portfolio are born with the same DNA that defines luis vidal + architects: a social, economic and environmental commitment.


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