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Apprentice school - Brétigny-sur-Orge


Education / Completed

Brétigny -sur-Orge is an extended city. The historic centre to the north, suburban developments and large social housings projects are mixed in an heterogeneous urban grid. Urban dispersion is increased by the agricultural character of this territory.

The site si bordered by the railway and located at the edge of the agricultural area. This area is still not built around the project plot. The zone presents commercial and industrial facilities into an urban and a little bit chaotic organization not conceived for pedestrians. So we conceived the apprentice school as a "campus", in the same time open to outside but also offering a nice area into the plot.

The new apprentice school is dedicated to the learning of construction jobs (masonry, woodworking, steelworking, electricity, painting...) We wanted the school to be a pride reason for the students. We designed it as a rational, human and generous building.
It is conceived as a small scale campus. Connected to public space through a large parvis, it’s a welcoming and reassuring public facility. The facades evoke the knowledge about building jobs teached inside the school.
The courtyard is the heart of the school, thinked as an Agora. It’s a metaphor of a cloister with its central garden surrounded by a covered path. This walkway is animated by the reflects on inox cladding and leads to two larges sheltered spaces. The Agora as a central point allows a simple use of the school, an easy indentification of different spaces and optimized movements for teachers and students to their classes and workshops. Each main area of the school is designated by its own color.
Architectural choices are made to mix use comfort, raw and robust materials and economic building conception. This school is here to create foundations of the apprentices future carreers.
The school shows in its form the knowledge teached inside. It’s symbolic of its function and offers comfortable spaces, both for living and learning.
The school is designed as an environmental building : natural lighting, vegetated roof, recylcing of the construction materials, photovoltaïc panels and a wind turbine are implemented to make of this school and exemplary project, answering to ecological questions which are today unavoidable.
The apprentice school is then sustainable, a pride reason for students and a Privileged place of learning all those disciplines about construction.


 Brétigny sur Orge
 BTP-CFA Île de France. Sorgem AMO
 Ingérop / Tisseyre & associés
 Sergio Grazia


archi5 was founded in 2003, fruit of its founders’ common experience and the shared approach. A context-based approach to projects is key : the site, the programme, the social and cultural challenges are all examined, analyzed and compared. The projects offer a dynamic and comprehensive response to those issues to the highest standard that has come to be archi5’s trademark. This approach is visible, legible in every building. It confers meaning and form and is perceptible in the projects’ applications, spaces and environmental impact. It is the essence of our confidence in architecture, its capacity to enhance humankinds’ environment.
The agency uses its acumen and know-how to instill this ethos throughout and to guarantee its continuity. archi5 has a staff of 35 working out of Paris and Warsaw. We propose an interpretation of a form of architecture that is sensitive to the challenges it deals with, mindful of those who will live with and in it, ambitious in its convictions.

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