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Aichi Institute of Technology Yasui Laboratory

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Aichi Institute of Technology Yasui Laboratory
The planned area is located in Jutian City where rich nature and historical towns such as the huge wetlands that are regional cities in the south of South Korea remain.
The site is on the inner side of old castle walls, one corner of the Old Town, along the river that separates the Old Town and the New Town. The old city was industrialized chaotically and lost history. Shunxi ordered to design an art complex & tourist office here.
What was sought was to try to regenerate the Old Town as a HUB connecting the Old City and the New Town. It is a facility that can be easily used by local residents and tourists. It is an exhibition facility that makes full use of state-of-the-art technology symbolizing Hitachi city, which is the goal set by Juntian City.
The old city was confused by unregulated development as well as other cities.
We fill the buildings in the hills, make the entire site a park that anyone can freely use,
For the sustainable society, we designed a building based on natural energy.
We guide the water flowing in the nearby natural river to the building and manage air conditioning.
We lead light, wind, air to building, realize a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions,
The form of the architecture is designed based on the topography of southern Korea, the lattice structure by steel frame secures large space without pillars, the rooftop is covered with planting. By making it like a hill, it is planned that the building does not insist on its existence and integrates with the environment.
In order to make it possible for local residents and tourists visiting Juntan to interact, they can be accessed from anywhere and people are free to integrate with the building.
The hill-shaped architecture was divided into three parts: the art center, the tourist information center, and the cafeteria, and the square was built in the center of the three hills. There is a pond that uses rain water in the open space, this pond changes to stage by pulling out water, and the hill-shaped building becomes the audience seating. The plaza is used for various purposes such as various events and concerts, and the building and the environment are united to produce a crowd.
As a gateway to the Old Town, it was a park where people could easily drop in and relax as a new venue connecting the Old Town and the New Town.
Stop the evolution of the town where disorganized development occurred.
I hope that the direction of the development of the new town will change from this building.


 South Korea
 Suncheon City
 2300 mq
 Hideo Yasui
 Takashi Mitsui, Tonoya Hitoshi, Daiki Murayama, Soichiro Hirai


Aichi Institute of Technology Department of Architecture Professor

1958 Born in Shizuoka,moved to Gamagouri in Aichi afterwards
1981 Received architectual training at Aichi Institute of Technology
1981 Joined in Takamitsu Azuma Architecture Office
1985 Joined in Kitaoka Design Office
1986 Established Yasui Hideo Atelier
2012 Aichi Institute of Technology Department of Architecture Professor

JCD Design Award(JAPAN)
Nashop Lighting Contest(JAPAN)
IALD International Lighting Designers Contest(U.S.A.)
IIDA North American Lighting Society Award(U.S.A.)
Design Selection by Asahi Glass,Co.,Ltd(JAPAN)
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