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Hüsame Köklü Women’s Community and Production Center

Tabanlioglu Architects

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Tabanlioglu Architects
Empowering women through communal production
Bayburt, a rural province of 60.000, located in the north-east of Turkey is known for its harsh weather. Pioneered by the BAKSI Foundation of Arts and Culture, on a plot that has been donated by a local retired teacher, the House is developed with the aim of sustaining the local resources, know-how and the tradition, enabling personal development by respecting the potential of the rural women. Upgrading the women's social and economic life is the major focus so that for many generations of women of all ages will come together under one roof.
In the framework of an exclusive program, the layout of the center is designed with respect to the requirements of various productions, from carpet weaving to traditional way of cooking in the wood-fire.
As well as respecting local patterns and architectural values, bearing in mind the climate and geographical conditions, utilizing contemporary technologies and methods is not avoided for more feasible and sustainable solutions, and better building performance.
The building responds to the climatic and geographical conditions of the region and concretely puts them into a modest, functional and harmonious monolithic entity.
In this common "home", shaped by being humble, functional, harmonious and inclusive criteria, individuals will be able to produce, learn, teach, and develop products while feeling at home and together with other women; their production will benefit them directly in the store which is a part of the center.
In the architectural context, the "structure" is shaped and positioned align with the use of the multifunctional areas, following the voluntary tale; the spaces in their simplicity and openness, provide a configurable ‘place’, customized by the users and their needs. With the tradition of the Turkish House of Life, a spatial understanding of sharing, each individual will find a particular place that is convenient for the nature of her work.
The steep roof, a mandatory grammar due to the heavy snowfall is stylistically embedded and acts as an agent to divide the overall structure into smaller volumes in harmony with the built environment.
The Women's Center shares and evaluates the experiences of Bayburt women with various interests, skills and abilities, so that it will serve as a resource for society, and for each participant, mutually.
The dynamic communal space is designed as a gathering point, especially for women and kids, as a welcoming, reliable place where experiences and practices are shared, and most importantly, a place where all village women feel belonging.


 Baksı Culture and Art Foundation
 1210 mq
 Melkan Gürsel & Murat Tabanlioglu
 Hande Pusat, Derya Genç, Sinem Kaya, Tolga Şentürk, Zeynep Burçoğlu
 Balkar Engineering, Okutan Engineering, HB Engineering, Sigal
 Tabanlioglu Architects


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