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Angular Geometry

KNS Architects

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KNS Architects
Angular Geometry - Chair showroom

Encompassing 200 sqmt, the space is designed for ‘Office ideas’ a showroom dedicated to high end commercial and residential chairs.

The showroom has been designed as a gallery, where the products become an artwork.

Hexagonal forms are the primary design inspiration in this showroom. This basic geometry is used to derive different forms by breaking the symmetry, stretching and pulling the form for a more playful variation.

These variations in form are then played at different levels to create platforms of varying sizes which are highlighted and differentiated with the use of solid & translucent surfaces. These are designed to add movement to the space as well as create a dramatised set up for the products to be perceived at different levels. Corian and acyclic form the materials for these platforms designed with a series of lighting experiences that both entice and intrigue the Clients.

A volume perceived as ceiling hung is designed to break the overall monotony of the space.
This cantilevered volume houses the back office & meeting room as well as provides further display space for the products. The mezzanine level is designed in clear glass wall to create a visual connection as well as a sense of openness.

The overall shell is imaged as a neutral space with the products as highlight. Material such as wood, white lamination and mirror is used to give a unified feel to the space. To add a sense of depth to the space horizontal wooden bands were designed as angular planes running along the length of the showroom. Whereas a black mirrored surface is introduced at the back wall to create illusion of space. The flooring continues the simplicity of materials used with LED’s introduced in the flooring to differentiate the various brands offered by the Company as well as enhance depth.

The façade design in kept simple with use of glass to allow a glimpse into the store & of the mezzanine area keeping the passerby intrigued.

The design provides an interior that highlights the art of creating a neutral yet playful seating with an artistic blend of material and forms.


 200 mq
 Ar. Neemesh Shah, Ar. Shresht Kashyap, Ar.Kanhai Gandhi
 Ar. Neemesh Shah, Bhavesh Mewada


KNS Architects, a multi-disciplinary, national & international award-winning design firm, was established with an objective of creating contextual, artistic & bespoke design solutions. We believe in looking at each project with a fresh, new perspective, a fact that finds resonance in our belief in creating vibrant, out-of-the-box solutions that strike the right note between practicality and aesthetics; constraints and aspirations.
KNS architects - a vision of Ar. Kanhai Gandhi, Ar. Neemesh Shah and Ar. Shresht Kashyap; who came together in 1997 to set up the Design practice. Since its inception the firm has undertaken a wide spectrum of projects ranging from master planning, malls, hotels, residential and commercial buildings, bungalows, second home schemes, high-end apartments, commercial interiors, restaurants, clubhouses & showrooms. In addition to projects in INDIA, KNS have successfully concluded projects in Dubai, Singapore and London.

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