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Hillside Retreat 405

Sanjay Puri Architects

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Sanjay Puri Architects
Program: The program was to design a Resort with 405 Guest rooms.

Site Characteristics & Constraints: Situated on an undulating site in Coorg district of southern India with average temperatures of 35⁰C. Designed on a steeply contoured irregular shaped site overlooking a valley and hills beyond, Hillside Retreat merges its 405 hotel rooms into the existing landscape of its site.

Construction system: Bamboo and Locally available Laterite stone.
Carpet Area:
Area of each Key = 38 SQM
No. of keys = 405 Keys

Design Description:
Designed on a steeply contoured irregular shaped site overlooking a valley and hills beyond, Hillside Retreat 405 is planned to integrate the layout with the existing contours.
Avoiding any cutting of the contoured hill individual clusters of rooms are located at different levels spaced to allow each room an unrestricted view.
Using the site to advantage, all the public facilities and the rooms are north oriented in response to the hot climate of the location with temperatures in excess of 30⁰C most of the year.
The entire layout is created is organic in character and correlates to the organic settlement of the villages in the vicinity.
Bamboo and locally available Laterite stone are the materials that predominantly form the structures creating an eco friendly and sustainable design solution.
All the building and houses are stilted to allow the natural undulating land to be retained in entirety with natural landscape in the form of local palms and other trees.
Vehicular movement is restricted to a small part of the site allowing access from the main approach road up to the reception area. The rest of the site will be accessed through solar powered golf carts reducing vehicular pollution and enhancing the sustainability aspects of the design.
The lowest part of the site is developed as a lake to collect the natural runoff water from the contoured land acting as a water reservoir for the entire development.
The entire resort is perceived as minimal intervention in the existing landscape by the layout and the material palette of the built forms that homogenously integrate themselves with the site.
Instead of manicured look of most resorts we wanted to retain the site in entirety and create the least obtrusive spaces that would blend within the landscape.
Contextually designed Hillside retreat 405 is a sustainable design solution by its layout, the use of materials and the orientation of all the building.


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 Sanjay Puri Architects


Sanjay Puri , the Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects, India has been a speaker and a judge at numerous international architecture events including the LEAF & WAF.
His firm founded in 1992, has won 100 international architecture awards including 4 Chicago Athenaeum Awards, 8 WAF Awards, 12 World Architecture Community U.K Awards, the LEAF , 5 Architizer Awards, 3 Hospitality Design Awards, 14 MIPIM Awards and several more.
His firm has successfully completed over 600 projects totaling over 60 million square feet.
Sanjay Puri and his firm of 72 architects now, continue their quest for creating sustainable design, charting new territories of spatial perception simultaneously imbibing the intrinsic values of Indian heritage & culture within their design solutions.

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